Darfur refugees close to starving in eastern Chad

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Jul 23rd, 2014

Soaring prices and the reduction of food rations have forced a number of Darfuri refugees in the eastern Chad camps to break the fast with bread made of toxic mekheit seeds, and dig into ant hills in search for food.  

The refugees in eastern Chad are facing extremely difficult humanitarian conditions, Ali Yagoub, the head of the Treguine refugee camp told Radio Dabanga.

“The people in the camps are almost starving, as the current food ration per capita contains a little sugar, vegetable oil, and 15 grams of sorghum per capita a day. Flour, salt, and soap have been cut from the ration. Because the people do not find work to earn some income, they are forced to dig into ant hills in search of food, and resort to prepare bread from the toxic mekheit seeds.

The camp head appealed to the World Food Programme to speed up the provision of food.

File photo: It can take decades for a colony of ants to build a hill of this size (Shutterstock Images)

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