Dear LIB readers: Follow up on ring and car proposal

By IAfrica
In Nigeria
Aug 20th, 2014

On August 7th, a LIB reader shared her dilemma – she said a guy proposed to her with a ring and a car but she only wanted the car and not the ring (read that here). Well, she just sent me an update. Read below…

“So I told the guy I didn’t love him enough to keep the ring but I needed the car. I offered to pay back in 6 months. Meanwhile the car was a 2012 Toyota corolla. He gave me 2 resounding slaps, I can still hear the echoes in my ear. I had never seen this side of him. I broke down in tears and walked out on him. 

The next day I returned the car keys and the ring and called off the relationship. Well he showed up again yesterday with a much cheaper car and offered me that as a gift. I accepted the peace offering of course on the condition that the relationship was off and I didn’t owe him anything. He readily accepted probably to ease his guilt, I care not. 

I have no regrets. Any man that raises his hands on a woman is capable of murder and I’m glad I walked away before my obituary appears on Linda Ikeji. Meanwhile I attached a pic of my new ride. Hehe

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