Dear LIB readers: Should I marry her?

By IAfrica
In Nigeria
Aug 13th, 2014

From a male LIB reader

I’ve been dating this lady for 3 years and was preparing to ask her to be my wife. She is 28, educated, lives alone and has a decent job. However, she doesn’t clean and hardly cooks. 

Last Saturday I went to visit her expecting to spend the night, on the way I got some food which I ate at hers. Shortly after my arrival she cooked, ate and fell asleep in the living room. While she was sleeping I cleared the plates, took them to the kitchen and put the rest of the food on the cooker in the fridge.

About an hour later when she woke up she walked into the kitchen to see I had not washed the plates. Irritated and annoyed she started complaining “You couldn’t even wash the plates, ordinary plate you couldn’t wash”.

Then went into her room and locked the door as I ignore her. So I let myself out and went home. The next evening with little to no communication throughout the day she sent me this message. (above). Continue…

“Eating p***y, washing dishes…Anything else on your ‘don’t do list?’”

As a result of this together with instances in the past where she has failed to guard her tongue and more importantly apologize, I’m starting to think that a lady who comfortably sends such a message 24 hours after such an incident to someone she claims to want to spend the rest of her life with is not wife material, girlfriend material maybe but certainly not wife material. 

As she clearly has no respect for me as her future husband nor for her role as the woman of the house – more so in this case where it is her house. It seems to me like this it how it starts.

I don’t think I am overreacting but it will be good to know what the female LIB readers think.

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