Dear LIB readers: why do some women find it hard to contribute in the home?

By IAfrica
In Nigeria
Aug 2nd, 2014

From a male LIB reader

I have been married for a year and a half and my marriage is not what I thought it would be. My wife does not like to contribute financially in the home. Given that I make more money than she does, but it’s not a crime to help out with little things. Sometimes I come home to no food or food without meet or fish and when I ask her she says I didn’t drop any money before leaving. Sometimes I come home from work very tired and there’s no light. When I ask her what happened to the generator, she tells me there’s no fuel. So she can’t buy fuel? I have to do everything? She says her money is hers alone and to help her family but she keeps forgetting that I and our daughter should be her priority.

What can I do to make her change her ways? I’m not asking her to do much, just little things like buy the chicken or fish for stew and soup, and fuel sometimes when I’m not home. And maybe soap, toothpaste, pure-water, salt, maggi, and onions?

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