Denmark Responds to Muslim Anti-Semitism by Shutting Down Israeli Peace Rally

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Jul 27th, 2014

The pattern is the same. Muslim violence and hate is rewarded. Opposing voices are silenced.

During Friday prayer in the Al Nusra mosque in Berlin on July 11, Danish imam Abu Bilal Ismail urged listeners to kill Jews, Die Welt reports.

In a Youtube video clip of the sermon to which English subtitles have been added, the imam is filmed saying that all Jews should be killed.

“Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them. Make them suffer terribily,” the subtitles read. He urged God “to destroy the Zionist Jews … to kill every last one of them and not have pity on any of them … Shake the ground under their feet, make them suffer.” He also said Jews “act like sole rulers of the entire world and disseminate corruption.”

Ismail is a regular speaker at the Grimhøj Mosque in Aarhus. He has previously been accused of encouraging young Muslims to travel to Syria and fight in the civil war.

Meanwhile things are getting uglier on the street.

Jonatan Møller Sousa, deputy head of the national zionist organisation revealed some of the threatening Facebook messages he received after he went on TV2 News on Saturday to discuss the Gaza conflict.

“Unfortunately no jews died: We are going to change that in Denmark,” one of them read, while another said: “I hope you and your zionist friends will burn in hell and suffer an even more painful death than all the kids in Gaza that were killed.”

And now a pro-Israel rally was shut down.

Also on Friday, police in Copenhagen cut short a demonstration of support for Israel and peace in the Middle East that the Danish Zionist Organization had organized near parliament with a group of Iranian dissidents, according to an account of the event by Vilhjalmur Orn Vilhjalmsson, an Iceland-born academic who attended the rally.

“The police couldn’t guarantee any longer the security of the participants in the rally, due to increasing threats from young Muslim troublemakers who were clustering in ever louder and violent groups nearby and even driving past in their cars shouting anti-Semitic slogans and waving Hamas flags,” he wrote on his blog.

He filmed several young men shouting “f**king Jews” at the demonstrators.

Here is Vilhjalmur Orn Vilhjalmsson’s own account.

About 250 participants in a rally for peace had to seek refuge in the courtyard of the Danish Parliament. The demonstrators, who were mostly Jews, many Danish supporters of Israel as well as a few democratic exile-Iranians, had gathered in a joint rally supporting peace in the Middle-East on the Christiansborgs Slotsplads, the square in front of the Houses of parliament.

The rally was organized by the Danish Zionist Organization and the Frit Iran (Free Iran) organization in Denmark. …

The Police couldn’t guarantee any longer for the security of the participants in the rally, due to increasing threats from young Muslim troublemakers who were clustering in ever louder and violent groups nearby and even driving past in their cars shouting anti-Semitic slogans, waving Hamas flags…

When I approached the Parliament square to take part in the peaceful rally, a small group of young Muslim men hastened along Gammel Strand, in my old neighbourhood in the heart of Copenhagen…

On the way to Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, they had chanted “Death to the Jews” and “Fucking Jews”…

The thugs, who the Danish Police kept away from the Peace-demonstration in front of the Danish Parliament, carried the flag of Hamas. A group of about 150 of them was held back by the Police. Some managed though, to get less than 10 meters away from the Peace-rally, where some of them were effectively apprehended by the Copenhagen police. While taking photographs of the  arrested troublemakers one of the yelled at me. “Dit zionistsvin; Din “Jyde” [a flawed pronunciation] of jøde= Jew]; Jeg vil hugge hovedet af dig” /Transl. You  Zionist pig; You Jew; I am going to behead you”….

The participants in the peaceful Jewish/Christian/Iranian rally were asked to leave the location of the rally due to security measures. The police urged the participants to seek shelter in the back court of the Danish house of Parliament. Here the police announced that the participants could walk away on their own responsibility or take a guarded Police bus, which would drive them to a secure location. The participators, mostly elderly Jews, had to flee the scene of their peaceful rally. Some of them hadn’t fled anything since 1943,

This is how it begins and we all know from history how appeasement of evil ends.

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