Deportation of Ethiopian Refugees from Norway

By IndepthAfrica
In East Africa
Feb 1st, 2012

By Tedla Asfaw, New York City

Dear Ambassador,

I was disturbed by a young woman cry this evening in our chat room. She and about 400 of them have been living in Norway and were told that they will be deported to Ethiopia soon. Deported to Ethiopia under Meles Zenawi? Will you deport someone to a country they left which is known for human right violations and killings of its citizens? Why is Norway discriminating against Ethiopian political refugees ? Ethiopians in diaspora are now more than 2 million . Ethiopians are fleeing their country for the last 20 years to save their lives. More than 90 percent of Ethiopians left Ethiopia in the last 20 years. It is estimated that more than 20,000 are fleeing Ethiopia monthly illegally.
Deportation of Ethiopian Refugees from Norway

Torture and abuse at the hands of Ethiopian government officials…

Europeans and American policy makers know what is going on in Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi is another Bashar al-Assad. Meles is killing quietly while Assad is killing on broad day light. I am sure you will not return back anyone from Syria now. Unfortunately, Meles Zenawi is the worst dictator which happens to be in good terms with the West for the time being.

Mubarak was also in good terms with the West until he was toppled a year ago. The mistreatment of Ethiopians in Norway and forced deportation is illegal by any standard. Ethiopians are peaceful people but let me tell you one spectacular action by an individual might be needed after such frustration. Yenesew Gebre a young man burnt himself to death on 11-11-11 after humiliation in his own country.

There are many Yenesew Gebres in Norway who would like to take their own life rather than being deported to Ethiopia under Meles Zenawi. The cry of the young woman in our chat room at this very moment makes me so emotional. The truth is many Norwegian politicians do not know or try to ignore who Yenesew Gebre is, a Marty Times Magazine consider as one of influential people of 2011.

It is unfortunate some of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters will be forced to take their own action to stop their illegal deportation. I beg you Mr. Ambassador to stop the coming disaster before lives are lost.


Tedla Asfaw


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