Diplomatic Panic in Asmara

Eritreans at an outdoor cafe on Harnet Avenue in Asmara, Eritrea.

Seyoum Tesfaye
The ink form resolution 2023 is not even dry before more accusation is labeled on the Eritrean regime. When you read the statement from the Eritrean Foreign Minister’s office to the UNSC written on January 4th 2012 you will immediately understand the regime is not speaking about the 417 page report that was the basis for resolution 2023. Let us see the level of panic in the tone of the letter’s introductory paragraph.

“Recently, my delegation has been made aware of the contents of the November 2011Reportof the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group which was circulated to members of the Security Council Committee on 9 December 2011. I am obliged to write this letter to Your Excellency to address the issues raised in that report, and to protest against, the strident demeanor that the Eritrea Somalia Monitoring Group has chosen to assume in discharging its duties.” (Eritrea’s Foreign Minster letter to the UNSC January 4, 2012- Ref: OM00212012. Shabait.Com)

It is obvious that the Monitoring Group has not been deterred neither by the New York flag waving PFDJ North America Broadway Show, the President’s effusive tantrum nor by the so-called E- smart campaign to intimidate the UNSC. By inference what is obvious is the Monitoring Group is digging deep into the nerve center of the regime’s mafia style security apparatus and the regime is panicking.

To go as far as mentioning the Awassa Conference in a letter written to UNSC says a lot. The tacit recognition of the emergence of a progressively unifying formidable alternative has hit a nerve. The UNSC will meet before the end of 2012 to put the final nail on the top of the consecutive sanctions with a more potent new sanction. The irredeemable regime is well aware of the inevitability of another sanction. The letter’s purpose is to start the propaganda campaign to hoodwink the people of Eritrea early. Expect more letters.

We have the unavoidable duty of making the inevitable sanction a sure thing by mobilizing all our energy and talent to politely remind the UNSC that the Asmara Leopard is not going to change its spots. One definite thing we can be sure about is that the regime and its supporters can huff and puff but they cannot change the ingrained behavior of the regime. The fundamental issue is the the Asmara regime must comply both in spirit and letter with Resolution 1907 and 2023 as well as others that are directly linked with these resolutions.

Let us digest this letter and grasp what is between the lines: a massive panic without an exit path. The grand diplomatic failure is almost hermetically (to borrow a word from Shabait.Com) sealed. The maneuvering space is shrinking. Cornered and without any meaningful option the noise from Asmara will get louder and strident.

The short range mission is trying to discredit the messengers (The Monitoring Group) since the regime cannot refute the 417 pages, the new report and the ones that will be generated in about 120 days. When tyrants panic they see a devil behind every tree. The regime in Asmara has conjured up thousands of devils to the point it is afraid to take a ten minute nap( forget the 9 hours sleep). We have to amplify the number of trees inside and outside of Eritrea.


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