In less than a month, more than 70 people died in the Kalma camp for the displaced in Nyala locality, South Darfur, owing to the bad humanitarian situation in the camp, and the rampant insecurity.

Saleh Eisa, the Secretary-General of Kalma camp, reported to Radio Dabanga, that the 163,000 residents of the camp are living in extremely dire humanitarian conditions.  

“People are starving because the food rations were cut. Because they are weak already, they are prone to all kinds of diseases. There is a lack of clean drinking water. Health services are lacking, and the overall insecurity in the locality worsens the situation.”


He explained that the World Food Programme provides each camp resident monthly with one malwa (3,145 kg) of sorghum. “This is far from sufficient, as the displaced do not have any source of income. The rampant insecurity has forced them to become consumers rather than producers.”

“The last month, more than 70 Kalma camp residents died, because of insecurity, hunger, diseases, and the deterioration of services in the camp.”

Eisa called upon the UN Security Council and Unamid to provide security in Darfur, “to protect the displaced, and enable them to rely on themselves”.

File photo: 9 March 2014: A newly displaced man is sheltering under his donkey cart in Kalma camp after he fled attacks by the Rapid Support Forces on villages southeast of Nyala (Albert González Farran/ Unamid)


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