Dozens of Sudanese killed by missiles in Tripoli, Libya

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Jul 29th, 2014

Nine Sudanese were killed and many others injured on Monday by a stray missile in the Karimiya district in Tripoli, Libya. On Saturday, 29 Sudanese died and others were injured in the same Tripoli district, when a rocket hit the building they were living in.

“Nine Sudanese were killed on Monday by a stray missile launched by a group of armed Libyans,” Salaheldin Yahya Mohamed, a Sudanese citizen, told Radio Dabanga from Tripoli on Tuesday. “A large number were wounded, among them a group of people who lost consciousness. We have not been able to count them yet.”

“Two days before, 29 Sudanese died and others were seriously injured in Karimiya, when a rocket hit their building.” This sad news was confirmed by multiple witnesses who contacted Radio Dabanga over the weekend.

Mohamed stressed that the Sudanese in Libya are living in difficult conditions, because of the security situation. “Sudanese are subjected to assaults. Many people are now living together in groups to protect themselves from attacks by Libyan gunmen, and do not dare to leave their home, even to buy simple things from the grocery.”

“Many Sudanese in Libya criticise their government because of its negligence of Sudanese living in insecure places abroad,” Mohamed said. “A number of countries have already evacuated their nationals from Libya, while Khartoum keeps silent.”

He appealed to international organisations to evacuate the Sudanese still living in Libya.

The Sudanese embassy in Libya reported that eight Sudanese were killed, and two were wounded in clashes between armed groups in Tripoli’s Karimiya district on Monday. It stated that it exerted much effort in contacting the relatives of the deceased to arrange their burial.

The embassy has warned Sudanese nationals in Libya to stay away from conflict areas of armed clashes.

File photo: Libyan combatants (wikipedia)

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