DR Congo hailed for steps to repatriate citizens in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi

By IndepthAfrica
In DR Congo
Aug 29th, 2012

The Permanent Secretary of the National Committee for Refugees (CNR) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mrs. Berthe Zinga Ilunga, has hailed the government’s political will to ensure the voluntary repatriation of Congolese living in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday in Kinshasa, she said the DRC government had since 2010 held talks with the governments of these neighbouring countries on the subject.

‘Currently, the DRC government continues to wait for invitations from these three governments as agreed upon during the last meetings, to define plans of refugee repatriation operations,’ CNR permanent Secretary affirmed.

She deplored the attitude of armed groups sowing insecurity in the return zones of these refugees, and urged the DRC government to make arrangements to stabilise the eastern part of the country to reassure refugees willing to return home.

About 214,600 DR Congo citizens took refuge in these three countries made up of 111,056 in Uganda, 74,608 in Rwanda and 28,957 in Burundi.

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