Drivers beware

By IAfrica
In Gambia
Aug 14th, 2014

The rains are now steadily coming. From experience, we know that road accidents are rampant during this period. Our story yesterday, on a deadly car accident that claimed the lives of three people confirms this fact. This can be attributed to poor visibility, vehicles going out of control, and drivers not concentrating enough due to the rain. Careful driving during this period is very important to prevent such accidents. We therefore call on all those involved in motor vehicle traffic, in particular the drivers and the police, to exercise caution in order to safeguard lives.

We do not need to remind anyone that good road conditions have been created to ensure smooth traffic for an accident-free society. The government on its part has done a tremendous job in this regard by introducing certain traffic laws like the ban on talking on a cell phone while driving, making use of seat belts compulsory, speed limit for driving in town, and a host of others. Despite all these, it is rather unfortunate that some drivers flout some of these traffic rules, especially in places where there are no traffic police in sight. Thus, while driving, they exceed the speed limits, use their mobile phones, and sometimes even overload their vehicles.

We hope that drivers obey traffic rules; we also urge them to make sure that the treads on their vehicle tyres are good; this is very important because tyres that do not have proper treads are likely to skid during the rainy season. Wipers should also not be forgotten, as the most important thing while driving a car when it is raining are the wipers. If they do not work, there is only one thing that should be done, and that is parking the car on the roadside.  We need not talk about breaks because the drivers themselves are aware of its importance.

They are also aware that there is usually a high incidence of break failures during the rainy season. The best way to prevent this is to have their brake fluid checked regularly. We acknowledge that the police are doing their best. They are clearly visible along highways in the country, ensuring that motorists abide by the rules. That is why it is important to encourage them so that they can continue being vigilant and help prevent unnecessary road accidents.

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