Dumbest Man in Israel Tries to Ban Plastic Bags

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Look at the picture. Try and guess which one of the binoculars belongs to Amir Peretz.

That’s right. He’s the one with the mustache and four brain cells.

Unfortunately due to Netanyahu’s disastrous last election strategy and pressure from Obama Inc, Israel’s coalition government includes Hatnuah, another manufactured left-wing party fronted by Tzipi Livni, who is already one of the dimmer politicians.

In a bid to make her seem smart, she brought along Amir Peretz, Israel’s answer to Venezuela’s Maduro.

Amir Peretz’s existence singlehandedly disproves any claims about Jewish intelligence. The man is slightly dumber than a box of rocks. In an IQ contest between him and a dead turtle, the dead turtle would not only win, but steal all of his spare change.

Peretz was once the Minister of Defense and the leader of the Labor Party right before it began to implode.

Now he became the Minister of Environmental Protection, which no one usually pays much attention to, unless the idiot in charge of it does something stupid.

So that’s what Amir Peretz did.

Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz will submit to the government in the coming days a bill that would prohibit the free distribution of plastic bags.

If it becomes law, the legislation would mandate that disposable plastic bags cost 60 agorot apiece, with the money going toward establishing recycling and waste treatment facilities, the Environment Ministry said on Tuesday night. As the measure goes into effect, shoppers would receive free reusable baskets as a substitute for the plastic bags, the ministry added.

“The time has come to be part of the advanced countries whose citizens have realized that the small convenience they received from free plastic bags in the past created severe harm to the environment and great damage to future generations,” Peretz said. “I am sure that the supermarket chains and Israeli citizens will be partners in this important process.”

What are the odds of that? Probably not very good.

The bill was initially introduced in 2008 but was dropped after making it through to a first reading. Amir Peretz has been attempting to ban the bags since his tenure at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Also Peretz is wildly unpopular even on the left. Here’s a sample of his deep thoughts.

Peretz: I am in a state of daily conflict, not just on diplomatic issues. I also feel isolated on social issues. They call me the government socialist because I vote nay on most economic issues. So it’s certainly not easy for me, but on the other hand leaving the arena totally to them is not wise.

Al-Monitor: But you’re not having any luck setting the agenda on the diplomatic issue. Tzipi Livni has been the target of serious criticism for being Netanyahu’s fig leaf.

Peretz: Tzipi fights in the cabinet to prevent a total severing of ties with the Palestinian Authority. I also know, down to the last detail, how dominant she was in the negotiations and in the plan that was formulated. One cannot doubt her influence on the whole process and the fact that she was the most serious element that enabled the creation of a dialogue in the negotiations.

Livni is known as nothing if not serious.

As a bonus, here is Amir Peretz trying to compete with Al Sharpton as he delivers what might be a speech.