East Darfur officials hold Sudan govt. responsible for tribal fighting

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In Sudan
Aug 25th, 2014

A cautious calm still prevails in the area of Um Rakuba, Abu Karinka locality in East Darfur, after fierce fighting on Wednesday between Rizeigat and Ma’aliya tribesmen, which resulted in the death of hundreds of people. An East Darfur State official claims that police forces and elements of the paramilitary Border Guards participated in the tribal clashes.

The state’s Commissioner of Presidential Affairs, and head of the East Darfur branch of the Liberation and Justice Movement, Hussein El Safi, told Radio Dabanga that police vehicles were discovered among the debris after the clashes. “Also police and Border Guards identity cards were found in the pockets of a number of dead.”

El Safi said that all the evidence was submitted to the federal government, “but no action has yet been taken”. He holds the Ministries of Defence and Interior Affairs responsible for the clashes.

‘Constitutional vacuum’ 

Mohamed Abdin, East Darfur State MP for El Daein constituency told Radio Dabanga that the MPs in an extraordinary session on Saturday held the Sudanese government responsible for the rampant insecurity and the absence of the rule of law in Darfur.

“The East Darfur State’s Legislative Council has been criticising the constitutional vacuum in the state for more than a year. This vacuum is one of the main factors stoking tribal conflicts in the state.”

“The East Darfur State parliament called on the state’s Security Committee to assume its full responsibilities, and take immediate action to curb the armed conflicts, and deploy buffer troops between the homelands of the Ma’aliya and Rizeigat,” Abdin reported.

“The parliament also demanded from the warring tribesmen to listen to the voice of reason, renounce violent solutions to their conflicts, and take the exceptional situation of East Darfur State into account.”

Since the beginning of this year, tribal conflicts have frustrated the formation of a new government in East Darfur State. “The insecurity in the state, caused by the continuous tension and erupting clashes between the Rizeigat and Ma’aliya, has sparked an administrative crisis in East Darfur’, an activist reported to Radio Dabanga from the state capital of El Daein on 13 August.

File photo: Representatives of the Rizeigat and Ma’aliya tribes attend the signing of a agreement to cease hostilities in East Darfur, August 2013 (Unamid)


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