East Libya may run out of petrol

By benim
In Libya
Mar 8th, 2011

Dubai – Rebel-controlled eastern Libya is at risk of running out of petrol within a week after refineries in the region halted operations, Gulf News reported on Tuesday.

Dwindling supplies of vehicle fuel in Benghazi and throughout eastern Libya were a rising concern for the rebel movement, the Dubai-based newspaper reported, citing an unnamed source in contact with the rebels.

A spokesperson for eastern Libya’s rebel-controlled interim government, Tarek Bu Zaqiya, told the newspaper the region faced “severe shortages” of fuel soon.

While oil is still flowing in eastern Libya, regional refineries had cut crude processing, the report said. Rebels were discussing plans to obtain imported fuel, including from Italian refineries, the report said.

The rebels, who already control huge areas of Libyan territory, rely on a steady supply of fuel to wage battle soldiers loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in a push to topple his regime.

- Reuters

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