Eastern Province tour successful and humbling-Nevers Mumba

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May 31st, 2014
Dr Mumba takes time to greet and chat with children

Dr Mumba takes time to greet and chat with children

MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba has described the warm reception he received by Eastern Province party officials as humbling.

And Dr Mumba has called on the people of Eastern Province not to demonise the ruling Patriotic Front but instead judge the party based on its promises made during the campaigns.

Dr Mumba who was in the province to reorganize and mobilize the party said Eastern Province was the “bed room” of the MMD and that the officials in the province should ensure that it remains so.
On the tour of duty, Dr. Mumba had meetings with officials from Chipata, Chadiza, Vubwi, Malambo, Katete, Sinda and Petauke among other districts and constituencies in the province.

Although the meetings took place in different districts, Dr. Mumba had almost the same massages for the party officials in the province.

He told party members to ensure that they stand on love for one another and to be truthful all the time as lies and hatred will destroy the party.

Dr Mumba said for the party to get back to its past glory, its members needed to work with one another as well as for one another.

The opposition leader further told members that the PF was scared and afraid of the opposition as can be seen from its abuse in the implementation of the Public Order act which the ruling party is using to stifle freedom of association making it difficult for the opposition to reorganize its structures and adequately prepare for the elections in 2016.

Dr. Mumba told party officials that the PF had messed up by promising a lot things that they could not deliver, giving the MMD a chance to reclaim power within the shortest period of time as people know what the MMD can do for them.

On the pessimists saying the former ruling party is finished, Dr. Mumba urged members to ignore such people as leadership is not given by man but God.

He said as long as the party remained intact, MMD stood a better chance of scooping the 2016 elections compared to other political parties as it is the biggest party in the country with a presence in all provinces which other parties including the ruling PF cannot boast of.

And speaking when he featured on Chipata’s Breeze FM, Dr. Mumba asked the people of Eastern Province to compare what the PF has done for the Province and the country at large with the performance of the MMD in power.

He said when the MMD was voted out of office, it left a country with sound economic policies and stable currency as well as an agriculture policy that was putting not only food on the tables of poor people but some extra money for school fees as well as other essentials which he said the PF has destroyed in less than 3 years of being in office.

He accused the PF government of not caring about the poor in Zambia as can be seen from the harsh and unfriendly economic conditions that are currently prevailing in the country. 
And speaking shortly before departure for Lusaka on Thursday to attend the NEC meeting scheduled for Saturday, Eastern Province Executive Committee Chairman Alexander Miti said the visit by Dr Mumba was timely and encouraging to the members in the province.

Mr. Miti said Dr Mumba’s visit will encourage officials in the province to work extra hard as they have been motivated by their leader.

The MMD leader also visited Chief Zingalume of Chadiza and witnessed Headman Simalambo of Mkaika renounce his association with the PF.

Headman Simalambo said he had campaigned for the PF in the last by-election but was going back to the MMD after noticing that the PF was not a factor in the province.

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