Editorial Comment: Zanu-PF must exorcise ghost of 2008

By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Aug 13th, 2014

POLITICAL parties are private clubs, and how they conduct their affairs is their own business but it is a different scenario where a governing party is concerned particularly one that dared rock the boat by empowering citizens with the means of production, naturally such a party becomes everyone’s business and the need to ensure its continued stay in power drives the electorate to the voting booths every plebiscite.
As such, the goings on in Zanu-PF manifest in destructive factionalism that saw the party fail to adequately prepare for the Women’s and Youths Conferences are cause for concern and cannot go unchallenged.

We take this opportunity to applaud the Women’s League for learning from the mistakes made by the Youths and mobilising resources to ensure a successful indaba.
We also salute all those individuals and corporates that stepped up to the plate.

Be that as it may, we cannot understand how a vanguard party like Zanu-PF can go from a well-organised harmonised election campaign that delivered a historic victory on the lines of the 1980 landslide to fail, just 12 months later, to organise for its own internal elections.

What is more? The Youths and Women’s Conferences, that precede the elective Congress every five years, are not ad hoc affairs, but are provided for in the party constitution, a development that should have led to adequate and thorough preparations.

The chaos seen ahead of the Youth Conference and the near disaster that nearly visited the Women’s indaba should not be taken lightly particularly as, through these internal elections, Zanu-PF is choosing the leadership that will lead the party to Election 2018.

Anyone who toyed with the preparations, or sabotaged them for narrow political ends as some reports suggest, should be considered an enemy of the revolution and dealt with accordingly.

Zanu-PF must not forget yesterday’s travails because its sunset (kukanganwa chazuro nehope).
Have they already forgotten the dysfunctional inclusive Government? The endless sojourns to sadc, the meddling by the likes of Lindiwe Zulu?

Because of the paucity of vision of some cadres who saw no further than the ends of their noses, Zanu-PF lost its majority for the first time in the March 2008 harmonised elections, and were it not for the progressive constitutional requirement demanding 50 percent plus 1 vote in the presidential contest, would have been booted out of power, and taken with it the sacrifices of the thousands of patriots who laid down their lives to deliver the nation.

All for what? All because some misguided elements in the party had settled for the destructive ‘bhora musango’ during which they divided the presidential vote between President Mugabe and the renegade Simba Makoni.

We bet our last dollar that the bhora musango crew is at it again in the ongoing midnight factional indabas that put the quest for power ahead of the party or the people.

We take this opportunity to remind Zanu-PF that yes the MDC-T was soundly beaten in 2013 but it was not decimated.
The party is alive, those who created, launched and sponsored it are alive, their neo-colonial designs are alive and they still dream of their farms on our soil.

This is not the time to engage in destructive politics but a time to consolidate the gains of 2013, build on the unity that delivered that vote and once again march to 2018 as Team Zanu-PF; anything else will be akin to gambling with the revolution.

Food for thought.

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