Egypt: A Travesty Of Justice

By IndepthAfrica
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Jun 7th, 2012

To most people, the outcomes in the trial of former dictator Hosni Mubarak and his top aides are a façade, a travesty of justice and are unacceptable.

Egypt’s Mubarak has been sentenced to life in prison for “failing to stop the killing” of hundreds of protestors during last year’s revolution.

Why Mubarak was only tried for complicity in the deaths of hundreds of unarmed protesters during demonstrations last year that brought his 30 year of brutal dictatorship to an end? What about all his previous human right abuses and criminal actions? Mubarak’s rule was flawed with torture, misrepresentation, deception and gross corruption and human rights violations.

Mubarak enjoyed good relations with some Western countries over the three decades of one-party rule in Egypt, and lost their support only once it became clear that he is also biting the dust. He was given huge amount of military aid and other support. It is so sad that many dictators, despots and tyrants in the Middle East and other parts of the globe are supported by some democratic countries.

I believe there is no Arab “awakening” or as some call it Arab spring, there is only a regime change form one oppressive regime to another. Some senior members of the inner circle or old guard and the Military are still in power. The pardon of his two sons, Alaa and Gamal, of financial corruption charges and the dismissal of murder charges against senior police officials prove that Egypt’s military junta still has its fingers in the cookie jar.

The revolutionaries must oppose every attempt by the current Egyptian regime to hijack their legitimate uprising against unjust policies, poverty, corruption, autocracy and unemployment.

It is time the people of Egypt put an end to this deceptive administration and regime, stand up against the self-centred politicians who kill and terrorise innocent people and support non corrupt, independent and ethical leaders or politicians.


Mohamed Saeed (aka Abd’ ullah) is a graduate from the University of KWAZUL- NATAL (UKZN). He holds a certificate of Merit in Social Equity in Professional Practice, a National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE) and an Advance Certificate in Education (ACE) specialising in teaching for Social Justice.

Probing the media headlines and creating waves, fighting against oppression and injustices, alleviating poverty and ignorance and promoting fundamental rights and values is my passion and mission in life. I hate destructive thinking, violence and negative competition and I enjoy reading, re-searching and doing volunteer acts for humanitarian NGO’s.

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