Egyptian Envoy Wishes “Fit” Sata Good Health

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Aug 2nd, 2014

10499421_1459028164348439_5626089345296641330_oThe Egyptian Ambassador to Zambia El Sadek touched on the nervy subject of President Michael Sata’s health when he wished him good health during a 62nd Revolution anniversary in Lusaka.

He said it was important that President Sata enjoyed good health to rule the country properly.

President Sata’s state of health has been an ever recurring subject with State House not being clean on the real state of the Head of State.

There has been a cloud of secrecy and only dodgy footage has been availed to the public while the ruling party has maintained the Head of State is fit and working hard.

“Let me wish through you the President of Zambia Mr Michael Sata all the best of health, all the best,” Sadek said catching his audience in awkward moment given the touchy manner the subject is handled in the country.

President Sata has only made three appearances, mostly in picture form, to the lager public with only limited access to his surroundings granted to even journalists from both public and private media.

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