El-Zakyzaky Alleges Threat to Life, Dismisses Military Assurance on Safety

By IAfrica
In Nigeria
Sep 3rd, 2014

Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, otherwise referred to as Shiites, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakyzaky, has dismissed assurances from the military that members of the Islamic group should not panic.

El-Zakyzaky, while addressing members of the Islamic Movement, said there were series of planned onslaught on his convoy since the death of 33 members of the group, including three of his children during the Quds Day in Zaria.

In a statement signed by media aide to the Islamic leader, Malam Ibrahim Usman yesterday, he said: “At the end of Nahjul Balagha study held at the Hussaini Baqiyyatullah on Monday, Sheikh El-Zakyzaky read out the Defence Headquarters’ (DHQ) response before teeming audience, which he described as ridiculous.”

According to him, El-Zakyzaky dismissed as baseless statement by the DHQ that those with no plan to cause violence have no cause to fear, saying that “what offence have we committed that on last Friday of Ramadan, equivalent to July 25, 2014, soldiers opened fire on us in broad daylight?

“Was is not the military that did the shooting? Yet, the person that masterminded the operation is still going about freely. He killed my sons with his own hands, while his boys stabbed them with knives in public glare. We are not that foolish to accuse the whole military of the offence, it was executed by a special group of soldiers.”

El-Zakyzaky also said that with what happened, people must have cause to fear from military onslaught, saying:
“Where is it written in the Nigerian constitution that a person in military uniform has the licence to kill people at will and go free? These soldiers killed people at will, and they (Nigerian military) could not refute or deny this obvious fact.”

The Islamic leader said that the number of the dead from the Zaria incident has now risen to 34, as another man shot dead, hitherto unknown, was recently discovered to have been buried by his people, while the number of the injured has reached to 106.

He further said: “If the military wants to free itself from blame, let the murderers be punished. It is then we will know that soldiers are not murderers, and that the law did not give the military the licence to kill at will.

“The Lt. Col. had committed murder in broad daylight, and even confessed that he was given list of people to assassinate and that he has on the list 13 more people to be killed. Part of his job is to kill leader of the people he killed and also demolish the Hussainiyyah.

“After the Zaria killings, soldiers were stationed in the house of his eldest son, Muhammad, with the intention of killing him, but instead found some people in the house and chased them out.”

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