Ethiopia: A fox in sheep’s clothing? Teddy Afro frowned up on

By Getahune Bekele, Pretoria- South Africa)

1The controversial Ethiopian singer-cum-poet Tewodros kasahun aka Teddy Afro (pictured) is in big trouble here in South Africa as raging refugees already boycotted his concert scheduled for Sunday 20 Jan 2012 in Johannesburg after news emerged that Ethiopian embassy officials and TPLF cadres will use the occasion to market the so called renaissance dam bond sale.

Many are arguing that if the young singer who becomes overlord, stern and haughty is still worth listening to.

“This foxy and skinflint Teddy cannot always claim that he has been led astray by his manager or someone he trusted. His concert is written TPLF all over it and the timing is scandalous to say the least.” The singer’s best friend who grew up with him at Addis Ketema district of Addis Ababa told the Horn Times.

The friend who requested anonymity for fear of attacks on his family back home further said Teddy’s new approach is that he wants to be seen by the ruling minority junta as a useful unifying force and a champion of peace and reconciliation while at the same time wishes to remain in the heart of Ethiopians as fearless patriot and the true voice of freedom and  change.

“But I do not know how he is going to manage to keep both balls in the air, the frightful storm is coming.” The angry friend who distanced himself from the concert added.

The Horn Times then tracked down the divisive individual who brought Teddy Afro for Sunday’s concert, a feared TPLF stalwart here in South Africa and former human smuggler known as Ato Alem. However, he nervously refused to say a word and threatened to sue the Horn Times editor if “anything bad” is reported about Teddy or Sunday’s concert.

Furthermore, Teddy Afro, the man who makes millions by capitalizing on the insatiable hunger of Ethiopians for patriotic voices, didn’t make any attempt to meet members of the Ethiopian community association in South Africa or leaders of Bête- Ethiopia.

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