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Jan 24th, 2012

It is with chock and great discomfort we heard the news of killing and kidnapping of tourists in tAfar People’s Party (APP) consistently and persistently condemns the killing of innocent tourists.he Afar region of Ethiopia. Afar People’s Party (APP) consistently and persistently condemns the killing of innocent tourists. This inhuman act is totally unacceptable, despicable and unjustifiable. Therefore, it should be denounced by the entire Afar nation. Such ruthless act diminishes not only the good reputation our people but also tarnishes the image of those who are perusing struggle for democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights.

APP value human life above all and believes that killing and wasting innocent lives cannot be justified by any means. Injustice cannot be substituted by another injustice. Consequently, the Afars quest for democracy, justice and equality cannot be championed by coldblooded killings. Hence, our thoughts and condolences go to the relatives of the victims and their respective nations. We share your grieves!

The story has been pushed by Woyane regime that this act was carried out by Eritrean backed Afar rebel group, while itself used to invade its neighboring Somalia, the Ogadenis and the Afar Region of Ethiopia. The Woyane regime has never admitted the local problem that may have been derived from its domestic condition caused by its own mismanagement. However, the incident near Erta Ale may have triggered by a combination of a Woyane conspiracy to continue its military invasion and expand its extensive land grabbing in the Region.

The incident occurred near Erta Ale, located in north‐east of the Lake Afdera, that has been a scene f conflicts for many years between the local Afars and the invading TPLF backed investors. Afdera is a remote, isolated and the least developed district in the Region. The District depends on its Salt potential extracted from Lake Afdera and tourism to Erta Ale. The two areas are dominated by Woyane Cadres from Mekele. The field lands surrounding the Lake Afdera are confiscated by Woyane investors and the local Afar are evicted to no‐man’s‐land. Any man opposed the action was thrown into prison, harassed and this was not the only time people were killed, but it is the first time foreign tourists were killed. This is also the case in Erta Ale tourist activities, which is driven and managed by the Woyane cadres from Mekele.

To impose its will on the district the Woyane rely on mighty military stationed all around the area. Today it is impossible to move around without security control of the government, which limits the pastoral way of life (livestock movement) in search of water and pastures. Therefore, we believe that the root causes of the conflict and unrest in the Afar region is due the bad governance, marginalization and social exclusion policies that are consciously designed by the regime. Hence, the regime should be blamed for what happens in Afar region in general and what lately happened in Afdera. Many Afars suspect that the current unfortunate event could have been orchestrated by the regime in Addis to divert the public attention from the ongoing domestic turmoil the country and to crush down the appraisal in Afar region.

Our latest intelligence report indicates that Woyane is preparing an extensive offensive in Afar region to crack down all political and armed opposition movements and there are many indications that shows that Woyane is preparing it self for war with Eritrea. There are feverish activities going on to fix up the military hospitals in Dubte, Samara, Dichoto and Manda. These military hospitals were abandoned since Ethio‐Eritrean war that took place from May 1998 to June 2000. Currently, more than 200 nurses are mobilized to shape up these hospitals. Moreover, there is an ongoing intensive recruitment of previous soldiers with higher salaries than those who are now in service.

Unfortunately, the recent tragic attack on tourists in Afar region has created an added anxiety, and it may serve as cover‐up for brutal military harassment in the region. No doubt that Woyane will use the same tactic in Afar region that it had applied in Ogaden, where it has systematically suffocated, starved and killed civilians without international intervention. Afar people have been the most affected during the Ethio‐Eritrean war of 1998‐2000. To be exposed to another military intervention in the area will have a devastating impact on pastoralist livelihoods and will create a more chaotic Horn of Africa. The question is whether the international community is going to see this apprehension for genocide in Afar region nonchalantly, because of the recently committed inhuman act in the area, or it will say no for a collective punishment and will help to bring the perpetrators to justice?

Let us rise up in unison to win our freedom!

Afar People’s Party

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