Ethiopia and Botswana Sign Bilateral Agreement

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Jan 31st, 2013

Ethiopia and Botswana have signed a bilateral agreement designed to enhance the air transport sector. The agreements were a part of bilateral discussion headed by Phandu Skelemani, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Botswana and Dr. Tewdros Adhanom, Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister.

The bilateral transport agreement was signed by Diriba Kuma Ethiopia Minister of Transport and Skelemani. The agreement is a sign of the commitment of both countries to enhancing their existing relationship said Diriba.

It is expected that the agreement will contribute to cultural as well as trade relations between the two countries according to Diriba. The agreement will contribute to the development of the African Air Transport Services sector said Skelemani. The trade relationship between the two countries has shown growth and Ethiopia has contributed significantly to the human resource development of Ethiopia he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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