Ethiopia: Baseless News to confuse the Diaspora

By IndepthAfrica
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Oct 30th, 2012

Abay will be built by any means. We will not stop by biased untrue baseless and old information from the opposition group radical/extremists/vocal or ruthless individuals. In fact nowadays you cannot fool us three times. You have to stop from injecting your hatred, xenophobic slogans by putting out baseless, unfounded, without-any-truth information in your website. If you are an ethical journalist you have to show where you have found or indicate your main source to make it credible to the public. But now we know why you have start to continuously put false news to confuse the majority silent of Ethiopians who live in Diaspora not to buy the Abay Dam bond investment. These are the new tactics you have started to confuse Ethiopians by writing false news, or re-writing the old news as if it is happening now. You have even indicated the news came from WikiLeaks Report, which is a big lie. Anyone can go to and put in the search box the phrase, “’If it comes to a crisis, we will send a jet to bomb the dam and come back in one day, as simple as that. Or we can send our Special Forces in to block/sabotage the dam” the result is “No page text matches.” There is no news from WikiLeaks about Abay Dam recently. There will not be war between Egypt and Ethiopia. Already Egypt and Sudan have accepted the deal between Ethiopia and other Nile Basin African countries; also it was dead end for war between Egypt and Ethiopia when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi laid foundation stone in Apr. 2, 2011 in Abay Dam construction site.
Please all Ethiopians who live outside of your country do not be fooled by these hypocrites who say to you “do not buy Abay Dam project because Egypt will open war against Ethiopia. This is sheer hypocrisy because a lot of them are buying the Abay Dam investment indirectly through their wives and children’s names without telling you.
This has to stop, and start thinking wisely for yourselves from now on and start to invest your money by buying the Abay Dam bond. I understand that there are Hedase Dam investment events going on in North America, in Europe, and other countries all over the world in memory of Melese Zenawi and his legacy. Some ruthless Ethiopians started publishing false information on their web site.
Experts have said the dam would help Ethiopia fight poverty but also strengthen solidarity and ensure sustainable economic development for all the three countries, including Sudan and Egypt. I am not in any political group, or affiliated with any political groups. But I am telling the truth as it is. Also as any concerned Ethiopian citizen, I am advising all Ethiopians all over the world to invest your money, help your poor people, and your country by buying Abay Dam bond, to fight poverty and darkness, which have been crippling the country for centuries. Helping your own poor people and your country is not Politics, or a crime.
Thank you
Abebe Gebrehiwet.
From Los Angeles area

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