Ethiopia: China’s ‘Unparalleled’ Contribution to Ethiopian Development

Ethiopian Ambassador to Beijing, Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin, said China “is making an unparalleled and historic contribution to the development drive of Ethiopia.”

He commended China’s partnership and support in infrastructural development and in transforming Ethiopia’s human resource into human capital, noting that China had become the largest trading partner of Ethiopia.

Ambassador Seyoum made the remarks during the launch ceremony of the Africa Communication Research Center of the Communications University of China, in Beijing on December 10th. He said the current strategic partnership between China and Ethiopia was the result of shared vision and shared interests, and he described the level of cooperation in the field of media and communication between Ethiopia and China as highly satisfactory.

Ambassador Seyoum also noted that China-Africa relations were founded on people-to-people, trade and cultural ties. China has proved to be everything for Africa, he said “a friend, donor, financier, builder, investor, and trade partner in a win-win strategic partnership.”

But, above all, Ambassador Seyoum added, China is “an inspiration as well as an alternative model for modernization and exclusive socio-economic transformation.” China’s rise to global power and influence and most importantly its commitment to Africa’s growth and transformation was based on the concept of a win-win cooperation which had made China “the natural ally for Africa in launching a new trajectory of socio-economic transformation.”
Government of Ethiopia

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