Ethiopia: Educating the anarchists regime and its clowns on Governance

If Hailemariam Desalegn wants to be Prime Minster he should act like one. Otherwise, he will be Prime Misery like his predecessors.

by Teshome Debalke

The new Prime Minster of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn address to the Parliament (the ruling party dominated assembly with only one seat out of 548 for opposition) was a staged propaganda like any other before. To our surprise, the hand picked PM’s performance wasn’t that bad and exceeded expectations. Though, we don’t know who get the credit; the director  or the actor himself. It accomplished the mission of showing the gullible the PM is alive, but, the devil is in the detail. The fact the PM is speaking on the one and only ETV (Ethiopian Television) microphone in the  entire country and run by Woyan’s propaganda machine speaks volumes how far he is willing to go to incriminate himself in faking his legitimacy.

Credit  to the late PM, Melse Zenawi that setup the delinquent regime and trained the actors, including the new PM. The staged drama’s target audience was not me and you but the casual observer with little attention to the details. Also, the collection of yes men and women representative struggling to read the scripted question should tell us poor Woyanes are busy writing and rewriting fictions for their clowns.

For attentive observer the drama showed more about the regime’s  desperation than what they hoped for. But, we should all wondered why the PM subjects himself to such public humiliation; trying to convince Ethiopians in general and the Southern people he fakes to represent in particular Woyane is anything but what he said it is in the script. Nevertheless, you have to appreciate a good performance when you see one.

I was hoping the new PM would be his own man; with his own intellect and personality until he sealed my little hope by imitating his beloved mentor, the late PM Melse Zenawi. But, when he talked about setting up a Foundation for his Excellency’s honor my little remaining hope died for good. He surly need help more than condemnation.

It reminded me the late Saddam Hussein’s giant statues in front of every building and public space with his sword raised in the sky to show the murderous tyrant was an icon. The untouchable Saddam end up hanged to his death as a common criminal in the bright sunny day of Bagdad-taking his family down with him. Like Kaddafi, Mubarak…all little tyrants have one thing in common. They were democrats; elected by the  popular vote, run the public Media, brought prosperity for their people and the people love them. They even have constitution too, but it didn’t save them. Is Foundation for lat Melse Zenawi real or practical jock? We can guess who is going pay for it…

I don’t know about you my people, but Woyane is pulling wool over our head and playing us for fools. My feeling is the clowns truthfully believe the late PM is actually what the new PM is telling them. We can’t blame them, after all they have been told the same thing over and over again in the last 21 years and getting paid for it.  But, in reality they are ashamed of associated with Woyane.

But,  we Ethiopians aren’t that easy people to fool even by well intentioned professional let alone village clowns that live off picking pockets. We value character more than the clowns give us credit for. If one doesn’t have character, s/he might as well pack up and leave town or terrorize us to extend this stay like Woyane does.

It shows how detached Woyane clowns are from the reality of Ethiopiawinet. The sad reality is, they don’t understand clowning is not governing, it is entertainment. The might qualify to run a comedy club not a government. Frankly, our character of being polite isn’t helping; misleading them in believing they are actually fooling us.

Therefore, instead of mocking the clowns led by the new Prime Minster I decided to educate them on Ethiopian Governance 101. They can learn not to make a jackass out of themselves pulling village stunt. If they are attentive enough to follow instruction they will cure themselves from Woyane syndrome of life of delinquency and hopefully rehabilitate them into honest, productive and respectable citizens in society.

First, Ethiopians hate liars, especially about our people and country’s history. Honesty is much valued character; one can rule us with it alone without doing much. Therefore, telling the truth for a change might help save them. For example, the clowns in the Parliament don’t represent Ethiopians but Woyane. Thus, send them home and let the people pick their representatives. Of course that would put Woyane out of business, so be it, Ethiopians come first not Woyane.

Second, Ethiopians are honorable people and hate corrupt people. Therefore, honesty help you stand tall than hiding behind cadres. Stop stealing the people’s money and live honorable life. For example, don’t fake development here or there…stealing money in the name of one to dishonor our people.

Third, Ethiopians are law abiding people, we know the law before the clowns knew who they become. Therefore, stop waving a fake constitution on our face to cover up you breaking the law. Let the people decide the constitution that govern us. For example, by making a mockery of the rule of law you made the constitution a cook book to extend your rule.

Fourth, Ethiopians are tolerant people and care less who you are or in what you believe as long as you are honorable. Therefore, scrap the fake Ethnic Federalism and making up stories to help you stick around, get over it. Let the people decide how they live together. For example, by staging conflicts to make it look like Ethiopians hate each other you look more desperate fools than government.

Fifth,  Ethiopians despise anyone that insult our intelligence. Therefore, stop your cheap village propaganda and act like Ethiopians for a change; dignified, proud, wise and honest. For example, don’t say the late Prime Minster was visionary when you know his vision doesn’t pass a driving test. We all admire him for being a snake oil salesman.

Six, Ethiopians are forgiving people, as long as you repent your crimes sincerely. Therefore, stop covering up your crimes and come clean. For example, your recent crime against our people of the Muslim faith; jailing them with cooked up terrorist charge is uncalled for, don’t be afraid of them for being organically Ethiopians than what you wanted them to be.

The new Prime Minster is educated enough to learn the facts other than the fiction his TPLF handlers feeds him like a child. What he did is confess to the world he have no clue about anything around him but what he is told.

Responding to the only opposition representative out of the 548 seat Parliament, he said, the Ethiopian people know why the voted EPRDF (by 99.64 %). He, not only insulted our people’s intelligence but degrading his intelligence. As to Woyane apologist, he is telling them they are dumb and dumber, that isn’t the way to treat Ethiopians.

He went on to say, the Election Board is independent entity  that has noting to do with his party. He talked about the non existence of political prisoners but rendered convicts by the independent court. He even went as far as to say his government can’t arrest some one without evidence and promise to stamp out corruption.

Besides feeling sorry for him, I can only say, welcome back Melse Zenawi. As the sorry Woyanes say Tagay ayemotem…? But, the way I see ithe was dead before he died.

The good news is Woyane is running from itself. It is no longer the official lawless bandit it use to be. It is now reformed bandit; faking democracy and development. What it tell us is the admission banditry and an attempt to mainstream it in order to a cover it. The circus in the Parliament is one and more to come.

The mini tyrannical regimes of Africa don’t seem to understand the era of entertainment is over.  Faking legitimacy with a crew of cadres acting as entertainers may be good for Hollywood not for Main Street anymore.

The apologist would be advised to save their behind before they go down with the clowns. Their repetition may be unrecoverable again but, noting is worst that living a life of delinquency. Seeing them choke up to save tyranny make anyone feel sorry for them.

The struggle goes on until the bandits are no more. The sad thing about it is when democracy is achieved they would be fugitives from justice like many before them.

Last, incase Woyane bandits don’t believe me, look no further. If you take your instruction from Woyane in what you do or don’t like the PM you are clowns.  There is noting more to it. Don’t waste valuable time faking it . Be honest and abandon banditry, it is the Ethiopian thing to do.

As the only Honorable and his Excellency  lone opposition representative in the Parliament, Ato Girma Seyfu put it, the heroes are the Eskinder Negas of Ethiopia in Woyane’s prisons. Now we know why the clowns are frightened whenever brave Ethiopians name mentioned.

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