Ethiopia: If Egypt Tries To Attack The Dam………………….

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Nov 23rd, 2012
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By:  Menelik Ezana

We Ethiopians are always amazed by Egypt’s rigid and old fashioned Nile monopolization.  And the state has a known quotation “No Nile No Egypt”.  This quotation is now changed “No Nile No Ethiopia” or “No Nile No East Africa”. This means the upper basin countries will use the water and feed their people. This right is given by nature, because the water starts from their blessed land.  We knew that Egyptians always worry about Nile, but there is one bitter fact, that Ethiopia has 100% a right to use its own water. 85% the Nile River contributor is Ethiopia. So why you Sudanese and Egyptians exclude Ethiopia? Is it a solution? No! It must not be! We don’t have a plan to use the water by monopole like the arrogant country Egypt.

At this year the Egyptians officials are boasting to attack the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. And we heard Egypt’s movement on Darfur area. I think Egypt officials are seems like lunatic. They don’t try to think the outcome. This is 21 century believe in diplomacy or negotiation, the solution is in your mind or on the table not on your hand. So if Egypt craziness continue and try to attack the dam, I believe we Ethiopians should do the following things.

  1. Diplomacy

1.1   Upper basin country should stand together and struggle to use their water.

1.2   Upper basin countries should have common military force, each country should contribute at least 20,000 soldiers, but Ethiopia will contribute three times of it. These common soldiers are known as Upper Nile Basin Force (UNBF). This force will be ready all the time. You the upper basin country gov’t think about this and apply it. Be strong! Unite! Show who are you!

  1. Ethiopian gov’t subjected to stop the flow of the Nile tributaries, so we can stop Nile here from the source without making a huge dam. The simple thing is encouraging the farmers to build the small dams from each tributary. This will be an Ethiopian policy to boost its agriculture and punish its historical enemy Egypt.
  2. Defend our self and also attack

3.1   Use military power over Egyptians, we Ethiopians are brave on fighting, we can enter to Cairo and bombarded Aswan dam. But this will be bloodshed so we may choose this the second way.

3.2   Add toxic chemicals to Nile river on the border of Ethio-Sudan, this is very simple anybody can do, even if the gov’t don’t allow. After that all creatures will be in danger- for a long period of time. We may use like radioactive substances and wastes, and other dangerous chemicals.

*     Addition to Ethiopians the world must stand on beside of Ethiopia, because Egypt will be another terrorist country for the world. To control East and North Africa with a confidence is only Ethiopia. Egypt, Sudan, Iran and Eritrea are trying to destabilizing the area. To overcome this problem permanently Ethiopia should stand by two legs, then you must support.

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