Ethiopia Is Close To Instituting The Death Penalty For Gays

By IndepthAfrica
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May 3rd, 2013

Ethiopia is prepared to start a genocide against its LGBT citizens, according to a religious group affiliated with the government of the African nation.

Details follow.

According to GayStarNews:

Government officials, religious leaders, leading heath professionals, charities and members of the public attended the event at the Bethel Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa, last week.

In the workshop police alleged ‘homosexual family members and neighbors’ have sexually abused 117 boys last year.

Participants agreed that the Western gay motto ‘born this way’ is unacceptable to Ethiopia, stating that not only has homosexuality nothing to do with nature, but the ‘condition’ runs against it.

A representative, from the Ethiopian Inter-Religious Council Against Homosexuality (EICAH) organization, underlined to workshop participants that gayness is not natural and has nothing to do with human rights, but ‘a result of a result of inappropriate upbringing, identity crisis and moral decay.

‘So we have to work hard to teach our children the bible and ethics and also protect our nation from the dirty western imposed culture of homosexuality.’

At the conclusion of the workshop, the EICAH representative stated that the council is ‘making progress’ in convincing the government to be stricter on homosexuality and introduce the death penalty to punish ‘such acts’.

The ECIAH representative added that prospects for capital punishment being legislated against gays ‘seems promising’.

“The trend of homophobia and hate crimes is increasing in Ethiopia because these organizations are creating a moral panic and feeding the public with false information and wild allegations,” the leader of Rainbow Ethiopia told GSN. “They scare the public that homosexuals are raping children and then ‘recruit’ them into homosexuality, which is ‘promoted’ and ‘spreading’ throughout the country. These groups even present some of the LGBTI members of the community as a mercenaries, trained and sponsored by the West to “promote homosexuality.”

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