Ethiopia: National Security Agency confirmed arrest of Al Qaeda members

Ethiopian National Security and Intelligence Agency confirmed on Wednesday the report that fifteen members of a terrorist cell affiliated with Al Qaeda’s network in East Africa had been arrested.

Military training manuals, jihad war videos and a variety of weapons were also found. The fifteen 15 suspects were arrested after the National Task Force for Counter-Terrorism, drawn from members of the Federal Police and the National Security and Intelligence Agency, secured a warrant for the arrests.

A press statement said that the suspects had been trained by Al-Shabaab forces in Somali and in Kenya. The group had been sent to Ethiopia to carry out terrorist attacks. They had already selected strategic places in Somali and Harar Regional States where they intended to start their activities, and had begun to carry out military training and agitation in preparation for launching jihad activities.

The National Security and Intelligence Agency statement indicated that the group was also aiming to try to use recent Muslim demands for their own ends and was planning to try to use these for their own ends.

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