Ethiopia: Prime Minister Inaugurates Pharmaceutical Plant

By IndepthAfrica
In Eritrea
Feb 6th, 2013

Prime Minister Hailemariam inaugurated the pharmaceutical plant for the UAE’s company pharmaceutical giant Julphar’ today (February 6th) here in the Gerji area of Addis Ababa.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by United Arab Emirates Foreign Trade Minister, Sheikha Libna Binti Khalid Al-Kassim, and Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros.

rime Minister Hailemariam said “the facility we are inaugurating today will certainly go a long way in augmenting the overall expansion of investment in this country.” He also invited UAE investors to invest further in Ethiopia: “the potential for rewarding investment in Ethiopia is never in short supply and our investor-friendly environment is more than conducive to welcome your investment.”

The plant is owned by UAE’s pharmaceutical giant, Julphar Pharmaceuticals and MedTech Ethiopia, an Ethiopian Company. The plant which cost 170 million birr, and will offer more than 500 jobs, expects to be exporting its products to Ethiopian and African markets within a short time.

During the ceremony, Dr Tedros Adhanom was presented with an award by the Company for his efforts in assisting the company’s establishment in Ethiopia.

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