By Sadik Ahmed

Meles was an administrative felon who turned his elegance to one giant political orphanage, as he departed unexpectedly; the scream from his political orphanage is wandering throughout the world wherever his cult followers live. Unlike the well-known world leaders, he hasn’t attached himself to a smart life partner; he picked out not book-smart but street –smart, uncivilized ghetto style spouse, who can fit the scam but not the dictatorial dwelling as a first lady.

If Azeb Mesfin happens to be smart and well educated, she could have been facing the fate of Meles comrades who have been perished in desert sabotage, however, the smart and the crooked Meles has chosen this rough and uncivilized spouse to cover his evildoing. Many Political pundits claim Azeb is “a mother of corruption” it is correct, but she was enslaved by the master of corruption known as Meles Zenawi, who shielded his guilt on this uninformed first lady.

I am reading some annotations that Azeb might face a jail term very soon. Since there is a power struggle within Meles political orphanage camp, it could be correct. Also, we should be vigilant this rumor could be a potential attention diversion to control the public opinion amidst political catastrophe.

Meles was a cruel political father, who has left an abundant political prosperity to the grave. Meles was an envious political leader who hates competition, for that matter he has not groomed a political offspring that may endure. As TPLF slice and dice the power base, we should anticipate more political fragment to come. Here are few tips in understanding and averting the possible ill oriented strategies of TPLF against the people.

1• Never bend for political stimulation:

TPLF could sack cabinet members or political figures; this could be either a power struggle or insecurity among the few political clans. Keep up the pressure to achieve bright equal opportunities but never bend for the counterfeit political stimulation.

2• Do not participate on TPLF corruption ring:

TPLF is good on articulating fictitious projects, you might be called to donate for historical Nile dam, and you might be offered to participate on condominium buying process, or any developmental rhetoric by TPLF cadres. As the political fragment witnessed, the days of the dictatorial regime are not long, it is a smart approach to hold what you have handy for the next constitutional friendly government.

3• Do not expose yourself for TPLF propaganda hoax:

From ETV to so called private newspapers and talk shows, from Ethiopia to Europe and North America, TPLF is selling its propaganda by the means of vended integrity. TPLF has quite adequate web warriors, many radio stations directly or indirectly are serving TPLF for little gratuity that may not last long, TPLF spin masters are dispatched to local community gatherings, churches or mosques. Information is a power, you have the power to verify and investigate for inevitable TPLF propaganda hoaxes.

4• Do not forgo your roots:

You are from a great nation called Ethiopia, nevertheless, a nation that happens to be unfortunate to have great leaders. You as a citizen should be and will be the leader of the nation; because your collective voice is a power regardless of who lead the country. Those hostile power greedy authoritarian rulers want to grasp everything through the power persistently; you might get stressed but put the stress on those few privileged exploitation cult propagators to their failure. Wherever you are, do not for go your roots, till they forgo the power.

5• Advance yourself beyond their expectations:

Dictators cannot look ahead beyond their narrow circle, they surely intend to trap you on various tyrannical deceptions; while you cherish unity they might insert division; while you enjoy the national harmony; they could smuggle suspicion. You should advance true Ethiopian principles beyond their expectations. Historically, Ethiopians handled numerous obstacles, you can handle this; do not surrender your values, since they are going to surrender the power.

TPLF, the notorious Mafia, is losing in every ground. We might witness more political extravaganzas soon or later, some cabinets could be sacked, the others could flee. Perhaps, some prominent members of the ruling junta could be arrested; this is the beginning of the end; a conflict among Meles political orphanage, where political offspring fight to uphold the spirit of the dead father. On the other hand, the envious political ancestor has gone without a clear will, as a result, the political cult of Meles Zenawi is about to become extinct. Amid the fading political cult, citizens should not relax and enjoy the political catastrophe rather expedite its banishment through the peaceful methods.

Indeed, Azeb is a mother of corruption but Meles was the master of corruption. Corruption cannot create a significant political future, rather a political cult within fraudulent clans, glad the political cult is fading.