by Teshome Debalke

The suffering of our people of the Muslim faith is our suffering. Let us not outsource it and hide behind excuses fromThe suffering of our people of the Muslim faith is our suffering. showing our solidarity with our people. Ethiopians rise or sink together as we always did; unlike Woyane and its sorry stooges want us to believe.

One by one Woyane did us all for a while. The mercenary regime’s crime against Ethiopians is our own fault; we forgot we are Ethiopians and let it play us on our differences. We bought the trap it setup for us like its mentor and enabler-the Italian fascist regime that occupied our country a century ago and failed.

We neither should allow what the Fascists attempted on us nor be complicit to the horrendous experience of Germens under the Nazi regime.

‘They came for the Jewish I didn’t say anything because I am not a jew. They came for the Catholics I didn’t say anything because I am not Catholic….when they came for me, there is no one left to say anything’.

If we hesitate to be with our people of the Muslim faith or any other victims of Woyane we will be repeating the same mistake over-and-over again that help the hands of Woyane. Our solidarity to our people have no boundaries, it is the Ethiopian thing no Woyane could ever understand.

Now Woyane put our people of the Muslim faith on its terrorist list like many before and send them in its dungeons of torture we should be reminded again, Woyane is out to destroy us one by one until we are no more.

We are Ethiopians before we are Muslims, Christians, one ethnicity or another…, our differences is ours not for Woyane or anybody else to use against us. We must stop whining and stand firm against the notorious and corrupt minority regime that has no sense of love of people and country except its daily bread to survive.

In many ways Woyane is a blessing in disguise to test our resolve and failed miserably. In many ways Ethiopians proven we aren’t a push over for a small time mercenary group that came out of no where to destroy our glories history and love of people, but, it isn’t enough.  We must come to our senses to end Woyane’s last hope against all hope by rejecting its bribes against one another and demanding it surrender for democratic rule.

The desperate Woyane is searching for a hideout from the unavoidable surrender for democratic rule. Every word it spews, every law it enacts and every building it eructs or the concrete it pours is to hide from the ultimate surrender and to escape responsibility for its crimes.

We should be reminded; the late Egyptian tyrant Mubarak’s regime tried what Woyane is doing now; inflecting terror and throwing bribes to extend its rule and corruption. But, when the brave Egyptians stood firm not to be fooled by notorious small time tyrant of Cairo that unleashed its terror network on them he ended up in the same jail he built to hold the innocent people hostage.

Likewise, our people that thought the world the taste of what freedom is all about can’t be complacent for a small time minority ethnic regime to play us for fools. We must stand firm in solidarity and go after the establishments of Woyane’s terror and corruption network to end its rule. Those that are used to give a cover for Woyane’s crime against Ethiopians must understand the warmth of the people power is coming to break their back just like the Egyptians did.

As we watch Woayen self distract of its own making, we should be mindful of not to take us down with it.  In case the Woyane stooges feel they have a leg to stand on, they should be advised not to miss the opportunity again to side with their people to end up wondering hopelessly with a regime to no where.

We salute our people of the Muslim faith that understood the Woyane’s game to destroy our country via their faith and the Ethiopian tradition to stop it on its tracks. We all must stand with them not only to preserve our Ethiopian religion but our tolerance of our differences.  We owe it to our fallen people and country that endured the horror of invasion, occupation and robbery of colonialist and their hired hands to preserve our freedom from foreign occupation.

Woyane run out of Ethiopians it can use to divide and sustain its rule.   Its next best hope is to reshuffle the same thing over again and cover it with concrete to see if it can survive the tide of freedom movements.

The dawn of freedom is upon us, no one can stop it but our complicity to our people’s suffering. It should be known to one and all, especially to Woyane stooges that live on borrowed time and stolen money.