Ethiopia to help Somalia against Al shabaab attack

By IndepthAfrica
In East Africa
Nov 28th, 2012

In its early stages of reviving peace in its country Somali is using the guidance of a policy document it calls “the foundations of new beginning”.

This document is based on a six pillar frame work where priorities for the country have been outlined. While meeting the Prime minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Dessalegne at the national palace in Addis Ababa, president of Somali Hassan Sheikh Mohamud affirmed that stabilization of security, judiciary system and public administration systems come first in the country’s agenda.

The new Somali government is shifting the administration from Centralized system its country has been associated with for the 30 years it was an independent state to a federal one, and is in the process of empowering it citizens to understand federalism and appreciate it.

According to the president of Ethiopia gathering as much as it can in terms of experience from Ethiopia on creating and managing federal institutions is vital to ensure that Somalia continues to enjoy the stability that it currently has.

Somali says currently it is in the process of empowering its citizens to understand federalism and appreciate it.

During the visit Ethiopia also promised to continue keeping watch over Somalia against any further Al shabaab attack.

Somalia has also agreed to have Ethiopia train its citizens on agricultural production so that the populace can be able to feed itself.

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