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Nov 6th, 2012

Askale Dama

I had voted absentee for Obama two weeks ago and that states my position. Nor do I see any debate between Prof. Alemayehu and Ato Elias on this subject. Almost 99% of Ethiopian Americans vote for Obama not because Obama isEthiopians Voting for Obama: Opinions anti-Woyane but because we are democrats as American voters. I actually disagree with both Prof. Al and Elias as follows. Prof. Almariam holds a position of wait-and-see toward Hailemariam Desalegn. I don’t believe that is a truly democratic position within the context of Ethiopian politics. So, the professor is democratic with respect to Obama and nondemocratic with respect to Hailemariam. Duality. Elias holds a position of wait-and-see with respect to Hailemariam and blames Obama for allying with Hailemariam. Contradiction.

American policy always has two reason for what it does – stated principle (rational) and real motivation (national interest). In Ethiopia the stated US rational is stability and its national interest is security (terrorism) not Ethiopian freedom. For example in Syria, the same US policy holds freedom as rational but security is the real motivation. No Ethiopian politician must entertain illusion about these geopolitical realities. Nor Ethiopian Americans need to confuse their vote in American elections with the dynamics in the Horn.

Alignment of American policy toward the Woyane regime and the opposition is driven by a different sort of dynamics. Americans want to see a stable and democratic Ethiopia but they will not risk stability of the region to do our own job of freeing ourselves. When the democratic opposition becomes serious enough and pushes to overthrow Woyane, America will side with democracy and stability. Until Ethiopian decides to unite to remove Woyane America will continue to ally with Woyane for the purpose of its security needs.

It is so annoying to see Ethiopian opposition elements who don’t care to unite as Ethiopian to remove Woyane but try to lecture the US on how to conduct its affairs. Elias and Alemyehu must write on the unification Ethiopian opposition and must write on the brotherhood of our people in their struggle to free Ethiopia from Woyane. That is what Ethiopia needs. Ditto.

Ancient Ethiopia

Go out and vote for Obama. Susan Rice will tell you again “fools and idiots”.

It is not Obama who is shameless. It is all who push Ethiopians to vote for Obama again. In his 5 years time in white house, we have never seen any press release from house office in his name about human rights abuse in Ethiopia. What we heard from one stupid and ugly woman was “fools and idiots”.

Tedla Asfaw

I am encouraging fellow Ethiopian Americans to vote Against Romney. Romney is indeed a man who has no interest for the 47% of us and careless for “99.6 percent of Africans”. After I heard Obama this past Saturday night we have no choice but stay with him though when it comes to the interest of Ethiopia and Africa his record is the continuation of George Bush an ally of human rights abusers and killers in the name of fighting the “War on Terror”.

Let us put him in White House and educate him how to be a Strong Obama who will be a champion of Freedom and Accountability in Africa.

Yes we can! Let me share with you the audio clip from last Saturday telephone callers one of whom to be myself.

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