Ethiopia: With the death of Meles Zenawi, the power of Adwa elite is buried for good

Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia‘s prime minister for 17 years from 1995-2012 has taken the short lived power held by him and by his comrades from Adwa for good to the grave when he died in August of 2012.Currently no Adwa Tigrian holds major position of prominence, be it at the foreign ministry, defence department or security apparatus, besides Sibhat Nega’s illusion of acting as if he matters and as if he makes things happen. He is best described as giving conflicting and provocative interviews in sympathetic media outlets—that are sheepish, that are known not to push for details and that are known for less on grilling.More disturbing is that, Sibhat Nega primarily dismissed by Azeb Mesfin in 2010, has not been reinstated to TPLF cc and doesn’t hold any official position with in TPLF. Azeb Mesfin in the other hand is still the Chief executive officer and president as well as chairman of EFFORT, a position she stole from Sibhat Nega. Sibhat Nega is so powerless, he can’t even push Azeb out of EFFORT as well as TPLF’s politbureau in which the is executive member.

Azeb’s refusal to evacuate Minilik palace is an indication to the support she enjoys from melese’s trusted and close friend Getachew Assefa who knows every TPLF’s dirty secretes and himself a non-Adwa Tigrian Security Chief, and we are told the only person who had firsthand account of the where about of meles zeanwi and the hour by hour update of his situation, when he was sick and absent from duty for almost a month and half. Getachew and Debrtsion were the only two individuals who had the full knowledge of Meles’s serious illness the months of July and August of 2012 according to what is being talked in Tigray during those black out months.

Dejazmch of Tigrai

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