Ethiopian Christians and Muslims showed a heartwarming unity at Kality prison.

By IndepthAfrica
In East Africa
Nov 19th, 2012

                                                                                                             By Getahune Bekele

“Instead of untying the number plates from our cars, why don’t you untie our leaders, you demons” un elderly Muslim woman shouted at a federal police officer who was  busy removing the number plates of cars parked near the main gate of the notorious Kality prison.

Thousands of Ethiopian Muslims were there to visit their jailed leaders, on Sunday 18 November 2012. According to eyewitnesses, the queue stretched for several kilometers, prompting the nervous looking wardens to call for massive reinforcement.

A Christian young man distributing water in a heartwarming show of unity

At 9 pm, when a contingent of traffic police and federal police members began to arrive, the largely Christian residents of Kality zone in eastern Addis Ababa flocked to the area in heartwarming solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters to act as human shield.

Soon, the weak and the infirm were taken to nearby Christian homes for refreshments while angry youth of Kality fearlessly engaged the number plate removing Trojan horses of the ruling minority junta.

As the day progressed, aghast at the brutal way the Muslim communities have been treated; more Christians arrived carrying with them meals and drinks.

“This is what we Ethiopians are known for. Uniting in the face of danger. If the federal police attacks any Muslim here we will respond accordingly.” A confident Christian young man told the Horn Times Reporters.

“Allah Waa Akbar…guys am overwhelmed I can’t talk. Am a proud Ethiopian Muslim.” An emotional 46 year old Fatima Nurdeen said.

Although only few hundreds were managed to see their incarcerated leaders, relatives and friends, the event ended without incident much to the delight of the residents of Kality zone.


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