Ethiopians in Norway protest against massive human right violations in Ethiopia

Ethiopian asylum seekers in Norway hold a protest on the massive human right violation against journalists and dissidents  back home.

According to the press statement sent to Awramba Times from the Ethiopian Asylum Seekers Association in Norway (EASA), the protest of more than 400 Ethiopians was conducted on October 18, 2012 after a speech by representatives of the association.

Ethiopian Asylum Seekers Association in Norway (EASA)

With various slogans such as “Free all political prisoners and journalist, Norway should stop supporting and working with brutal regime in Ethiopia”, the demonstrators went to the Norwegian parliament. Upon their stay at the parliament, representatives of political parties and civic organizations from Norway, as well as representatives of the Ethiopian opposition and members and activists of the Ethiopian community in Norway have delivered a speech on the current Ethiopian situation.

The objective of the demonstrations was to request the Norwegian parliament and authorities of the government to give due attention for the asylum seekers’ appeal and review and to reverse the agreement made on January 26, 2012 between Norway and Ethiopia.

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