Ethiopian Maid found hanged in United Arab Emirate

By IndepthAfrica
In Djibouti
Jul 22nd, 2013

By Kidane Brehane, IndepthAfrica
Ethiopian house maid seen hanged in employer’s kitchen area in United Arab Emirate.
United Arab Emirate Police stated the body of the Ethiopian house maid found dangling by a rope from the roof of her employer’s residence on Friday mid-day.Hanging_Rope

The maid is considered to have committed suicide, according to authorities.
A senior officer at United Arab Emirate Police stated the maid’s boss informed the police after one of the members of the family discovered her.

The United Arab Emirate Police has since moved her body to a hospital for an autopsy.

The Police said they are looking into the incident to determine the reasons that prompted the house maid to end her life.

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