Ethiopians in Perth protest against Andargachew abduction

By IndepthAfrica
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Jul 31st, 2014

Activists in Perth

Ethiopians in Perth, Western Australia, protested the illegal abduction of Mr Andargachew Tsige, Secretary of Ginbot 7, a well known and respected patriot, freedom fighter and a human rights defender.

Mr Tsige was abducted by the Brutal regime in Ethiopia while he was transiting through Sanaa, Yemen, en route to Asmara, Eritrea in contravention of the Geneva Convention.

Mr Andargachew Tsige is currently held incommunicado. The protesters held a vigil outside the British Consular office in Perth, chanting slogans such as……”Andargachew is a freedom fighter, Andargachew is our hero, Free Andargachew now, The foreign Office is slow to act, the British Government must protect Andargachew’s safety etc.”.

The protesters were met by Mr Drew, Head of the consular Section of the British Consulate in Perth. After a letter summarising the reasons of the protest were read and handed to Mr Drew, The head of the consular section gave a written response which was read to the protesters by one of the protest leaders. The protesters vowed to continue their protest until Andargachew is released, thanked the consular head and dispersed. letter

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