Ethiopia’s ruling Agame junta to stage a North Korean style mock funeral for the late tyrant, Meles Zenawi

By Getahune Bekele

The tiresome pedagogue and pathological liar of the highest echelon,

The scheming Bereket Simeon, who until recently insisted that Zenawi will be back before September, is once again planning to deceive the world by staging a well choreographed fake funeral for the late despot, Meles Zenawi, who finally succumbed to lung infection after became wheelchair bound and totally blind in a Belgian hospital.

The preparation is well underway with the recruitment of thousands of poor Ethiopians by promising them jobs and financial benefits if they openly wail for Zenawi. Several thousand more will be bused- in from Tigraye republic, the cannibal’s home province. The junta is determined to show the world that it has wide support to continue governing the aid republic of Africa for years to come.

The Horn Times reporters have observed the recruitment doesn’t spare kids as young as eight years ,and the elderly. Under extreme duress, they will line up the streets of Addis Ababa on 2 September, shading fake tears for the evil tyrant who ruled them with brutal iron fist for 21 years.

However, according to reports, the ruling Agame gang is yet to decide on the tyrant’s final resting place.

As Arab spring style revolutionary movement started by Ethiopian Muslims bubbling under the surface and the call to obliterate the poisonous minority rule by mass protest ringing coast to coast in Ethiopia, the terrified warlords are keen to stage a fake funeral in Addis Ababa and later burry the despot next to his late mother in Adwa-Tigraye, where they believe his grave will be safer.

Furthermore, besides the logistical nightmare of organizing the funeral in remote Adwa, the warlords fear doing so would expose the ethnocentric side of the TPLF to the world, and more dangerously, it might give the opposition a leverage to ignite a revolutionary counter attack to dismantle the fragile and vulnerable clannish rule.

Hence, lowering an empty coffin is the only option they have.

The lone voice in the TPLF cc who wants Zenawi to be buried in Addis Ababa is his corrupt wife Azeb Mesfin, a Tigranized non-Tigre. But her opinion counts for nothing.

The incessant war of wards erupted few days ago has died down as the warlords took a unanimous decision not dump their god, the god they have worshiped for more than two decades by offering him blood tithes, in Addis Ababa where he committed heinous war crimes and genocide.

“Both the hedonist Adwans and the haughty Axumaites look a bit relaxed albeit under heavy atmosphere. They hope the voracious dullard Hailemariam Desalegn will stay in power for some time until they figure out what to do. As you see, even those who runaway earlier, Samora, Azeb and Arkebe are back, but they are yet to unpack their bags” a political analyst who can’t be named for fear of arrest or reprisals told the Horn times from Addis Ababa.

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