EU Lifts Sanctions On 1st Nov- Chinamasa

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Jul 3rd, 2014

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Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said the EU is lifting all sanctions ‘imposed on Zimbabwe’ on the 1st of November following a promise made earlier by the economic bloc.

Chinamasa spilled the Zim-EU said ‘arranged date’ while addressing students at the National Defence College in Harare on Wednesday. His comments came as ZANU PF was allowed to start branches in mainland Europe last weekend. Chinamasa who was quoted by state media said the EU indicated that sanctions would be lifted in their totality on November 1 this year and as such, the Government was looking at working with the bloc in a new dispensation.

“On the promise that sanctions will be lifted on the 1st of November, we have started negotiations on a development assistance programme initially of €234 million targeted towards health, agriculture, governance and institutional support,” he said.

Speaking on the same day as minister Chinamasa, France’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Laurent Delahousse said EU will resume warm relations with Zimbabwe by end of year, if all goes well.

“As you are aware the friendship between EU and Zimbabwe is improving, which is a welcome move. EU will resume its direct cooperation with Zimbabwe at the end of the year, provided everything goes well,” Delahousse said.

Delahousse also said French companies are looking for a return to Zimbabwe on a long term investment plan.

“When French companies invest in a country as much as they want to in Zimbabwe, it’s not for a quick buck,” he said.

“They are here to invest for the future, they are here to stay, they are here to create jobs, they want to come back to Zimbabwe and they want to come to a safe and sustainable environment because this is the message that we are receiving from the government.

Last week EU ambassodor to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia surprised and angered many when he sounded a different tone from the usual brazen one towards President Mugabe, signifying a warming up of relations between Zimbabwe and the EU.

He said, “If we had a leadership crisis, there would be chaos. We still have a leader who manages to keep at bay these forces that are very much contradictory.” He also accused civil society of being anchored in the past. “The civil society has a role to play but I have the impression that you are a little bit anchored to the past where instead of being NGOs, one perceives AGOs, Anti-Government Organisations.”

Minister Chinamasa said Denmark had chipped in with US$20 million towards the Zimbabwe Fund projects administered by Africa Development Bank.

He said the European Investment Bank had committed itself to assisting small to medium enterprises.

Minister Chinamasa said they had assured other multi-lateral institutions such as the International Monetary Fund that they would deal with the country’s wage bill, among other issues, to enable the country to access new money.

Meanwhile Chinamasa’s party was on Saturday 28th June 2014 allowed to open branches in mainland Europe in the city of Amsterdam; which will encompass Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg; named BENELUX .

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