Evidence of Europe’s Positive Attitude on Sudan

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Feb 10th, 2013

At the beginning of 2013, some transformations in the European attitude occurred, resulting in positive symbols which appeared in the economic conference of Sudan and South Sudan under the auspices of Germany last month and the Sudan Invitation to participate in the conference of the Security Council Reform in Rome a few days ago.

Italy and Spain, which represent southern Europe, are guiding a condensed diplomatic movement to agree on a new unified vision reforming the Security Council and to hold a conference to discuss new approaches to the Security Council.

The minister of foreign affairs, Ali Karti, received an official invitation from his counterparts in Italy and Spain. This signifies that Sudan is estimated as a pioneer and strong state in Africa, and that we have definite ideas on the methods of Security Council reform.

The first Reading…. The real grounds behind this conference are the two countries (Italy and Spain), representing southern Europe, which doesn’t have any representation in the Council. Western Europe, represented by (Britain and France), has permanent membership, while Italy and Spain compete in the temporary membership as if they were any small country in the world. Because of that, they exert intense diplomatic efforts to gain equal chances in the Security Council.

Second Reading… Southern Europe is near to reaching a time of searching for friends or supporters from outside the old continent of Europe. Its effect is still strong in the world’s political movements, but they found objectives in Africa, which is under the world’s scrutiny due to its huge natural economic resources and its political positions.

Third Reading… “The African Union now is a strong political unit that has a great voting bloc (56 votes) as well as those African states which have a clear-cut vision of decision independency,” said Karti in a radio programme. He said that the matter didn’t happen easily but after transforming the African Union Organisation to AU, it has a position in the international political field. For this reason, southern Europe is seeking the African vision and how to utilise the independent African position. “The participation of Sudan doesn’t represent a particular region in Africa, but because Sudan has an effective strong voice inside Africa, they invited us” said Karti.

The fourth Reading… There are some alterations towards Sudan from these states which targeted creating or adopting a vision of the Security Council Reform (Italy and Spain) and holding the Sudanese economic conference in Germany.

Sudan’s participation for the first time in the Green Week, held in Bon last January, in addition to attending the agricultural summit is a positive sign said Karti. He asserted that Sudan has remarkable economic capacity and is a notable political weight, in spite of its current challenges.

These countries opened the doors to focus on Sudan’s huge economic capacity. The invitation comes from foreign countries that don’t hold the same political views or are in the same continent, but they seek to find supporters for their views from another continent and also from different political cultures.

The fifth Reading… These are clear alterations in the political view and search for economic solutions to Germany through supervision on the economic conference.

Moreover, most European states which have no clear-cut position towards Sudan, like France, Britain and Netherlands, are standing in “a blurry position” between their interests and the correct vision towards Sudan and the political pressures that they find either from other countries or the USA. These cases of gravitation continued for three years but those states chose a very clear position last year.

In fact, 2012 was a transformation year in which the decision to hold the economic seminars and the agricultural exhibitions were carried out and Sudan managed to win the prize of “the highest visitors’ exhibition”.

Final Reading… the Sudanese diplomacy achieves a success in creating a big breakthrough, particularly in investment and pioneers in diplomatic circles.

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