Fashola Decries Misinformation On Ebola

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In Nigeria
Aug 18th, 2014

Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola yesterday decried the activities of rumour-mongers resident in the state, saying disseminating wrong information on the outbreak of the deadly Ebola was causing confusion in the state.

Fashola, who said this in a statewide broadcast to intimate Lagosians on the latest on Ebola virus, said it is not true that the state government lacks the financial capacity to handle the infected people or that the victims are being neglected.

He explained that the state government in conjunction with the federal government and its technical partners including the World Health Organization was doing everything humanly possible to contain the disease and prevent possible epidemic.

Fashola said: “Dear Lagosians, the challenge of managing the Ebola virus is big but our resolve to contain and defeat it is bigger.

“That resolve is demonstrated by the courage shown by the first set of health workers at state and federal levels who stood up to be counted, and the leadership of the state and Federal Ministry of Health with the support of our international partners.

“In spite of fear, they stood up to be counted at a time of grave danger. We should salute their courage, professionalism, patriotism and humanitarian disposition. They are the heroes and heroines that we have looked for for a long time. I cannot thank them enough.

“While we are doing everything to assure their safety and to give them confidence to proceed, I want to passionately appeal that we must not do anything to distract them or demotivate them. What they need now is our encouragement and support to gain even stronger control of the situation.

“What they do not need are rumours and the distractions that they can bring with them. I appreciate the concerns and anxiety that friends and relatives of sick victims must be going through. I assure you that our thoughts and prayers are with you.”

He assured the residents that the infected patients wrre receiving the best care recommended by experts, even as he called for more volunteers to help in the containment of the deadly EVD.

According to him “what will be helpful to the situation now is additional medical personnel, who are willing to volunteer to join hands with those on the frontline.

“But the experts also caution that those who sign up cannot immediately start to participate in the isolation ward, where sick people are being treated, no matter how qualified and experienced they are.

“They must undergo a few days of training by our international body of advisers and understand the protocol for operation in the isolation ward for their own safety, and the sustenance of the containment plan to stop the virus from spreading.”

The governor cautioned those who are seeking to do brisk business with this situation to reconsider their decisions.

He said: “For now, the state has enough resources to fund everything that is needed. This is what your taxes can do in emergencies. Our House of Assembly has thankfully approved a request for any needed expenditure.

“The president, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and the honourable minister for health have shown the appropriate level of concern about the national and global risks that this poses and I am sure they will provide funds should we be unable to do so, if we ask for it.”

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