Ferguson: Don’t Shoot, We’re Throwing Bottles of Urine


So far the peaceful protesters have…

1. Looted and burned stores

2. Shot at police officers

3. Thrown rocks at Chris Hayes

4. Made death threats

5. Threw Molotov cocktails

And are now throwing bottles of urine

Clearly more outreach is needed.

Protests on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, were significantly calmer on Tuesday night, but the peaceful atmosphere disintegrated amid a series of clashes that led to 47 arrests, with police claiming they were pelted with bottles containing urine.

I love the media’s reporting from Ferguson.

Today things were mostly calm and peaceful aside from all the clashes, the dozens of arrests and all the thrown bottles of urine. Except for all that it was calm and peaceful as a sunny day in June.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson told CNN that ‘criminals’ had thrown urine at officers.

Local community activists quickly attempted to defuse the situation by linking arms and standing in between the authorities and the remaining protesters.

That doesn’t “defuse” anything. It stops the police from arresting the protesters.

Officers moved in as the alleged agitators “hid behind the media for protection,” Johnson said.

Isn’t that what they’ve been doing all along? And then the reporters whine.

Police told KMOV-TV that urine and bottles were thrown at officers by protesters who hid in the media staging area. Some protesters also chanted “Time To Kill A Cop.”