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Titus Fish

Titus Fish

A consultant nutritionist, Prof. Tola Atinmo, has urged parents to increase the consumption of fish by their children in order to achieve optimal brain development.

Atinmo who lectures at the University of Ibadan, made the call in Lagos on Saturday in an interview with NAN.

“Fish contains omega 3, an unsaturated fatty acid that is required by children for brain development.

“Many children who lack the nutrient tend to have difficulties in learning abilities.

“More attention needs to be paid to the fact that omega 3 is a critical nutrient that is needed in the diets of children.

“In addition to its key roles in cardiovascular health and immune function, omega 3 is needed for normal brain structure and function,” he said.

The professor said that there was need for parents to understand the different kinds of nutrients that are required for the growth and development of their children.

“Information about our diets will make us choose foods that are healthy for our children.

“It is important that children eat well so that they can grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“What that means for our country is that we will have more able-bodied men and women, who will be productive in ensuring the growth of the nation,” he said.


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