Flood: Abuja bridge collapses, commuters stranded

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In Nigeria
Aug 23rd, 2014

A portion of the Tasha 2 bridge in the Gwa Gwa area of the FCT collapsed on Friday following a downpour which started at about 4 a.m. and continued into the afternoon, flooding many roads.

Some residents of the territory attributed the flooding of the roads to the lack of drainage systems in some parts of the city.

Mr Matthew Iloh, whose vehicle broke down along the Moshood Abiola Road, due to the congestion of a portion of the road, told NAN that the water could have flowed, if there was a drainage.

“I left the house early just to avoid the usual traffic that occurs each time it rains; but now I am stock here and can’t go anywhere.

“Look at the water level, it is way above my ankle and so I think it entered the car and the car just stopped. I am trying to see who will help me push it but who wants to get wet in this kind of rain helping a stranger.

“If only there were these big gutters that allow free flow of water, this water will be flowing and not causing a river here’,’ Iloh said.

It was observed that the flooding had prevented free flow of traffic, leading to traffic congestion.

Another motorist, Mrs Niniola Sodeinde, who was sitting in her car parked in a pool of water on the road along the Mbora District, disclosed that she did not realize that the water level was high and that on driving into it, it became difficult for her car to move.

“Other cars were driving through and although my first instinct was to turn and take another route, I decided to risk it since I am going to the airport and this route is the shortest.

“Unfortunately, the engine is on but the car won’t move so I’ ll keep trying and once it moves, maybe I’ll turn back”.’ she said.

She called on the FCT Minister to inspect the roads during the rainy reason to ascertain which parts were affected by the rain and instruct the relevant departments to fix them.

At the Tasha 2 Bridge in Gwa Gwa, it was observed that a portion of the bridge had collapsed and two cars could not move on the bridge simultaneously.

A resident of the area, Stephen Bulus, stated that the bridge was in good condition on Thursday and that the heavy rain increased the water level, which could have caused the collapse of the bridge.

“Yesterday, I passed here and the bridge was okay. It was this morning that we noticed the collapse and as you can see, the water is much under the bridge because of the rain; so this could have caused it’’, he said.

Bulus appealed to the FCT authority to quickly effect repairs on the bridge.

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