Four people were killed in El Abassiya locality in South Kordofan state by flash floods, following the heavy rainfall throughout Sudan.

The victims were from El Fakharin. The torrents destroyed 119 houses and 2,876 acres of sesame in the area. In the northern part of the state, floods and rains affected 381 families in Khor El Tina and the outskirts of Abu Kershola and Um Baraka villages.

The Gash river bank in Kassala state in eastern Sudan, bordering Eritrea, has run over and swept Aroma town. The flood destroyed 1,500 houses, and also cut the main road from Kassala – Wagara – Tendlai.

’77,000 affected Sudanese’

According to reports from the Sudanese Red Crescent, 77,700 people have been affected, with nearly 13,000 houses and 1,500 latrines damaged. Public services have been disrupted with Khartoum and Sennar states being hardest hit.

Sudan experiences floods every year during the rainy season that runs from June to September. The 2013 floods affected over 60,000 families. According to forecast, more floods are expected if heavy rains continue, with the already increased levels of the Nile rivers posing threats.

File photo: A boy wades through the flooded refugee camp in Bentiu, South Sudan (MSF)


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