Forbes Africa celebrating women in its August issue

“It has been a long struggle for women in business, which is far from over. History even records the first woman to work in an office in Johannesburg. It was in 1894, screens were put up around her because it was not appropriate for her to be seen – more on this in the cover story of the August issue”, says managing editor for Forbes Africa, Chris Bishop.

“This edition also includes the Forbes list of Africa’s most prominent women as well as interviews and inspirational stories of some of the continent’s most powerful woman to date”, he concludes.

In honour of women’s month, Forbes takes a look at some of Africa’s most accomplished female moguls and high-flyers. Wendy Appelbaum, who features on the cover talks about her no-nonsense approach to business. Also featured is Valentina da Luz Guebuza, daughter of Mozambican president who also heads up the multi-million dollar company, Focus 21 Management and Development ltd.

Forbes Africa is celebrating women and their great achievements in its bumper August issue.

“All over the world, women are taking giant strides every day, in breaking free of stereotypes and in improving their lives, those of their families and of their communities. In Africa alone, women are doing remarkable things – from Nobel Prize winners recognized by the international community to the ordinary women doing extra-ordinary things on a daily basis. This edition aims to highlight the strides taken by so many of these women to make them the powerful and successful leaders of today”, says managing director of the ABN Group, Roberta Naidoo.

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