You won’t see this kind of thing on CNN or the BBC, but a few media outlets are actually doing their job. India’s NDTV chronicled a Hamas rocket launch outside a hotel from setup to firing.

Now France 24 shows a rocket setup outside a hotel filled with the international media… and a UN building.

FRANCE 24 has exclusive footage of a Hamas rocket launching pad that appears to prove the militant group has been firing from areas heavily populated with civilians.

Correspondent Gallagher Fenwick says the site, in Gaza City, is some 50 metres from a hotel where the majority of international media is staying, and just 100 metres from a UN building.

“This type of setup is at the heart of the debate,” says Gallagher. “The Israeli army has repeatedly accused the Palestinian militants of shooting from within densely populated civilian areas and that is precisely the type of setup we have here.”

These two videos are important, but I can’t help but wonder whether it is Israel’s pullback from Gaza that has allowed some media orgs to feel like they can show what Hamas is doing without worrying that it will help Israel or prolong the fighting.