Fulham 0 – 1 Chelsea live updates

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Apr 9th, 2012



90+3 min 30 second left as Ivanovic launches a deep free kick forward. It’s cleared. 20 seconds. Cahill lumps it forward. Hangeland heads away. 10 seconds… Kalou’s cross is blocked. Chelsea throw.

90+1 min We shall have three added minutes.

89 min Two Chelsea corners in quick succession. Hangeland heads the second out but the away side are still on the ball. Matt Le Tissier has just pointed out that if Chelsea win 2-1 they will be on the exact same points, goal difference and goals scored as Tottenham, and go ahead of them in the table on alphabetical order. Wowzers!

88 min Frei’s coming of, it’s Kacaniklic on in his place.

87 min Fulham look completely transformed. It’s since Sa’s come on, but I suspect it’s more to do with how vulnerable Chelsea suddenly look. Dembele, Dempsey and Sa combine in a fluid attacking move, but Dempsey’s offside at the end of it.

85 min Another Fulham corner. Riise in behind, Cahill deflects his shot. Another decent save from Cech, Sa heads towards him but it’s low and difficult for the keeper.

84 min The Fernando Torres kindness rouitine has outlived its usefulness this evening, Didier Drogba is on in his place./

83 min GOAL!!! Fulham 1 Chelsea 1 (Dempsey) 82 min Orlando Sa comes on for Diarra in time to enjoy a Fulham corner… and this one produces a magnificent save by Cech! Tips over a powerful Hughes header. Another Fulham corner.

80 min Dempsey, quiet tonight, has a crack with a swinging left boot. It’s on target but easy for Cec

77 min Who gets to sit in the actual Cottage bit of Craven Cottage? Answers on an email. Sky just showed us a brief shot of it, filled with eager, moneyed faces. That Sky did that and that I’m talking about it should tell you that this game is running out of steam.

74 min Danny Murphy coming off after one of his less enjoyable evenings. Here’s Dickson Etuhu to replace him.

69 min Ach, it’s not really coming together for Fulham tonight. Murphy with a silly wayward pass in a potentially profitable position on the left. They’re blatantly missing something, and I’d suggest it’s a striker with a long name that would score exceptionally if proper nouns were allowed in Scrabble.

68 min Another Fulham corner, again it’s very well claimed by Cech.

66 min Chelsea looking ever more likely to score here. Good work from Bertrand to drift forward and left to support an isolated Lampard close to the corner flag. He feeds it back to Lampard whose pacy cross is nearly guided into the far corner by Kalou. Riise got a decisive touch and it’s a corner, which comes to nothing.

63 min Super work from Frei, finding Riise with a wonderful curving ball into the inside left channel from a wide position on the left flank. Riise bursts past and around Ivanovic to latch onto it but can only shoot wide with the outside of his foot. Frei’s having an occasionally excellent game.

61 min Have I mentioned it’s absolutely teeming down with rain at the Cottage? I don’t think I have. It is! It has been since the first minute! It’s making for a pacy game with plenty of mistakes.

57 min Fulham being fairly pinned back this half. They look like they’re defending a 1-0 lead, not trying to overturn one. Dempsey goes down inside the “D” under a challenge from Cahill. No foul, says Clattenburg. I’m going to agree with the almost-delicious ref on this occasion. He will be pleased.

52 min Lampard is on the receiving end of what looks like a deliberate push in the area from Hangeland as he attempts to get on the end of a Kalou cross. Chelsea’s second penalty is not forthcoming. Apparently Danny Murphy was told at half time by Clattenburg that he hadn’t awarded the penalty against him, rather for a clip on Kalou by Kelly. Sky have pored over the replays and that statement appears to have come from a demented mind.

51 min For conclusive proof that very few of you are any fun, here are the results from the earlier FA Cup final song contest poll:

49 min Decent shot from Lamparda who comes very close to curling a whipped shot into the top-left corner. It’s beaten Schwarzer, but it’s also wide.

46 min Fulham begin a second half of football. There have been no changes, other than each of the players involved being 45 minutes older than when this game began.

20.47 A somewhat undeserved lead for Chelsea, but they’ve taken their one clear chance while Fulham have failed to craft one, despite enjoying the majority of possession and momentum for long periods so fair.

Frei looks threatening for the home side, but they’re missing the strength of Pogbrebnyak leading the line for them. Can Senderos play up front? We’ll find out soon. Well, we know already. But still, see you in 15.


Goal 45+1 min GOAL!! Fulham 0 Chelsea 1 (Lampard)
Lampard puts it low and to Schwarzer’s right. The keeper reads his intentions correctly but can’t quite make it, Lampard’s penalty finds the side netting. The good bit of it, though. Well done Frank.

Murphy with an ugly two-footed challenge on Kalou in the box. Wild challenge, fair penalty.

44 min Here’s a charming snap of Clint Dempsey and John Obi Mikel tussling for the ball and both falling over which accurately summarises the thrilling combo of industry and gruelling struggle of the game so far:

41 min Cahill appears to pray to his gods after being penalised and booked for what looked a fair challenge on Diarra. Diarra was sent flying, but that’s because he and Cahill were challenging for the same ball and Cahill was in first and coming at it from a lower trajectory. If anyone deserved a booking there it was gravity.

38 min Kelly’s down for Fulham, seemingly with a hand injury, yes, I said a hand injury. What of it? He took a fast-moving ball right in the digits a little earlier. I can’t see any possible pratfalls in this suggestion from Richard Beards:

E-mail What about being able to text the players during a game and have the comments appear on the advertising hoardings around the pitch? That way I would have been able to send the following message to my Spurs players today “Come on chaps, do you mind awfully lifting a leg this afternoon? We could qualify for the CL if you put some effort in”

36 min Torres tries a chuckle-inducing scooped ball into the box from a “going nowhere” position in the corner of the area. It’s even more mirthsome when it’s apparent that there’s not going to be a Chelsea player running on to it. Schwarzer claims it easily.

34 min Away from the Cottage, Pele has joined Twitter and started as he means to go on, calling Joey Barton a #helmet and getting involved in a viscious flame war with Piers Morgan about Arsenal’s chances in next season’s Emirates Cup.

No, not really, he’s gone down a predictably bland avenue:

<noframe>Twitter: Pelé – Hello world, thank you for welcoming me to Twitter. I am very excited to share my life with you. Love, Pelé</noframe>

33 min This would certainly liven up the end of the season:

<noframe>Twitter: John Nicholson – You can imagine Meireles in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest being sedated by the evil nurse after ripping a sink off the wall.</noframe>

31 min Martin Tyler claims that there “haven’t been many lulls in play so far” as his co-commentator Matt Le Tissier threatens to tell an anecdote about FA Cup elmination at Craven Cottage. Martin Tyler is just about telling the truth, but that’s not to say that it’s a very interesting game. Fulham keep threatening to do something exciting but either have their shots blocked or their corners claimed by Cech.

29 min Peter Littley has gone to town on improving football. Here are his ideas:

E-mail All referees and linesman can only run backwards, it’s not interesting but it’s always funny to see them fall over. Let the fourth official pick the substitution numbers from a hat, one selection per side every 25 minutes. Take away the goal netting and ask the linesman to make the call as to goal or not, could even replace goal posts with two piles of coats and see what happens. Move the penalty spot six yards off centre and 5 yards further back to encourage curling kicks. I feel so much better since I stopped taking my pills.

26 min Excellent stuff from Frei, who is a graduate of that school which prizes the ability to get your head down and run past men at speed without thinking too much about what to do next. In the end he finds space for a shot which Cech turns round the post. No dice from the corner, but this is encouraging stuff for Fulham.

24 min Meireles is booked for pretending to tackle Riise. Or rather Riise pretends to have been tackled to get Meireles booked. More refreshingly excellent ideas pouring in for how to improve the end of the season. Here’s Ed McFarlane:

E-mail Telescopic goal posts that expand after, say, 75 minutes, making the goal gradually 3 feet taller (wider probably would involve too complicated engineering). Even poor old Wolves might get one back then.

21 min Hangeland finds Riise on the overlap on the left flank. Excellent ball, which Riise brings down with some skill. He picks out Duff ambling around in space in the box. The ball falls conveniently for a left footed shot but Duff can only offer a polite stab towards goal which Cech cathces with ease. Disapointing.

18 min Fulham growing into this some. They’ve had a couple of corners, both have come to nothing, and are generally seeing a bit more of the ball and spending increasingly long periods in Chelsea’s half. They don’t look a whole lot like scoring, though.

16 min Here’s Patrick Murray:

E-mail How can we liven up the end of this season? Put relegation and promotion to a vote – or a song contest.

How about we sort out the FA Cup via that method?

Here is semi final one:





13 min Frei’s caught by an inconveniently placed leg. It belongs to Raul Meireles. He’s given a stern talking to by a referee whose surname rhymes with a delicious marzipan-centric cake. This is despite the pre-pubescent chap within earshot of Sky’s mics who is bravely trying to start and “Off! Off! Off! Off!” chant every time Fulham are awarded a foul.

11 min Fernando Torres has a shot blocked by Hangeland. When will this awful run of form end, and is he ever going to score again?

10 min Fernando Torres wins a header and directs it to Kalou. I think we can safely say he’s back to his absolute best now.

8 min Fulham have a corner. Who’d have thunk it? I’m not sure which form of the verb “to think” “thunk” qualifies as, but let’s not worry, here’s the corner… It’s aimed towards Hangeland, as all Fulham corners have been since 2008. Cech claims it.

6 min An end of term feel to this one. Chelsea stroking it around without much urgency, Fulham gamely pressing and closing up potential passing space, but not trying too hard. I wonder if Martin Jol has allowed his subs to bring in board games?

3 min Here is that man Chris Healy:

E-mail We can discuss summer transfers and managerial changes. Isn’t that what the press usually do when the action on the pitch goes quiet? Will Kenny survive the chop? Who will be the next gaffer at the Bridge? Will Liverpool sell Carroll and/or Suarez? Who do United need to take them to the next level?

I like the cut of your jib Chris. Superblu unoriginal work. When are you free for a job interview?

1 min Chelsea get us started with a lovely kick off.

19.58 The teams are you. Are you ready for…. FOOTBALL? I should hope so.

19.52 More sense being spoken on sorting out the rest of the season from Donald Haughton:

E-mail Two ideas. One, any goal scored from outside the penalty area counts double. Second, eliminate off-side; although it is apparently already being implemented on a case-by-case basis.

19.46 Excellent suggestion on how to liven up the end of the season from Vekram Jenarthanan:

E-mail For the remaining 5 rounds, make every team in the top 5 and the bottom 5 play Balotelli for a half.

19.38 Gary Neville‘s going through Arsenal v City with a digital toothcomb. If he’s still as angry with Mario Balotelli as he was this time yesterday he’s going to burst into flames any second now.

19.30 I think we’re due a properly engrossing, goal-heavy Premier League game. I feel like it’s been a while. Certainly on telly. Arsenal 5 Spurs 2 is the last reeeeealy good televeised game I can remember. That was in late February. Come on football, pull it together.

19.17 Here are the teams:

Fulham: Schwarzer, Kelly, Hangeland, Hughes, John Arne Riise, Duff, Murphy, Diarra, Frei, Dembele, Dempsey.
Subs: Stockdale, Orlando Sa, Kasami, Senderos, Etuhu, Briggs, Kacaniklic.

Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Bertrand, Mikel, Meireles, Kalou, Lampard, Ramires, Torres.
Subs: Turnbull, Romeu, Mata, Drogba, Malouda, Bosingwa, Sturridge.

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (Tyne & Wear)

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