Gaddafi wanted Zulu’s nod for “King of kings in Africa”

By benim
In Libya
Mar 13th, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi approached Zulu King Goodwill Zwelinthini to ask him to support the bid by the Libyan ruler to become the “King of kings in Africa”, reports the Sunday Times.

In February King Goodwill flew to Libya to spend several days with Gaddafi, the newspaper reports, quoting from an interview with KwaZulu-Natal premier Zweli Mkhize.

Goodwill turned Gaddafi down

“Although the meetings between His Majesty and Gaddafi were private and confidential, we wish to point out that Gaddafi had informed His Majesty of his desire to become ‘the King of Kings in Africa’.”

King Goodwill was asked to support this attempt.

These documents were purported to have been already signed by many other kings and traditional leaders across Africa.”

Mkhize told the newspaper that King Goodwill “politely declined… to participate in any campaign of such a nature”.

“He disagreed with the notion of a king from another country being given absolute rights to be the king of other kings who live in other countries.”

King cannot be ‘voted in’

King Goodwill believed that a king was born a king could not “be voted in like politicians”, Mkhize said.

King Goodwill and Gaddafi first met at the launch of the African Union in 2002. At the time Gaddafi was pushing for the creation of a United States of Africa.

“Since the summit in Durban, Gaddafi has invited His Majesty to Libya about four times… but he was only able to honour two invitations,” Mkhize said.

Political parties had demanded to know the reasons for the “private visit” to Libya days before the 16 February uprising began.

The Sunday Times quotes Roger Govender, the premier’s acting director-general, as saying: “The trip was private and not paid for by the state.”

On Thursday King Goodwill’s office refused to tell the Sunday Times whether he and his entourage stayed in one of Gaddafi’s palaces or in one of several luxury hotels in Tripoli.

Last week the South African government froze the movement of any of Gaddafi’s assets in the country from leaving SA borders. Gaddafi has been shown to hold an interest in a number of top SA hotels, including Johannesburg’s Michelangelo Hotel.

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